In California fighting supporters and opponents of the trump

In southern California in Huntington beach supporters of President Donald trump during a rally in support of got into a fight with those who oppose the current President, according to Reuters. As a result, four people were arrested, reported the local police.

The clash happened when a group of marchers called “let’s Make America great again (Make America Great Again)” acting in support of the President, along the way met opponents trump. About a dozen young men, protesting against the incumbent President, dressed all in black, refused to move away from the bike path, which was a large group of supporters trump.

In the end, a fight broke out, during which the participants used pepper spray. According to the police, to the place of the meeting were sent about 2 thousand supporters of trump, opponents of the President were about 20 people.

Edition of the Los Angeles Times on its website published a video recording of eyewitnesses, which shows how young people fight on the sand surrounded by the press.

Another record shows that the group of supporters trump about 20 people chasing a man in a black mask from the beach to the side of the highway. According to the newspaper, the masked man sprayed pepper spray in the direction of the organizers of the rally, after which the supporters of the trump began to pursue him.

The earlier trump on his Twitter page and thanked his supporters for participation in the rallies across the country. “Thank you all for today’s rally. Amazing support. We all make America great again!”, – he wrote.