In Minsk the riot police on the second day in a row detained opposition activists

As reported by “RIA Novosti” on Sunday morning near October square in Minsk gathered several dozen people who decided to Express their protest in connection with detention of people in the so-called “freedom Day”, which took place on March 25.

The police began to ask the crowd to disperse and not be forced to use physical force. Trying people still go to the square, riot police responded with arrests.

By 12:00 GMT in the square were detained several dozen people. They put in paddy wagons and taken to the police station.

According to the newspaper “Charter 97”, among those who came to October square were those who were released from offices after Saturday’s events.

By 13:30 the action was effectively over.

The Belarusian opposition tried to stage a March in Minsk, but the authorities did not allow people to Central Avenue. Riot police began detention. Just detention was over 100 people. According to the correspondent, had “literally all in a row, and did it very rough.”