The foreign Ministry called new U.S. sanctions “undermine the prospects” of cooperation

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on Sunday night commented on the new US sanctions imposed against eight Russian companies. Review Zakharova published on the official website of the Ministry in Facebook.

According to the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia, the new US sanctions “puzzling and frustrating”. “No serious problems we have this new batch of sanctions, of course, does not cause, but Americans are not even named the reasons, but merely referred to its legislation prohibiting them to cooperate with Iran and Syria,” – said in a statement.

Zakharova noted that “this move absolutely does not fit with the sound from Washington statements about the priority of combating terrorism, including building a nest on Syrian territory.” On the contrary, such a step, in her words, “completely contrary to this aim, undermines the prospects for establishing a broad multilateral cooperation in order to defeat ISIL and other terrorist groups that threaten all countries, including the United States.”

According to Zakharova, “official Washington again goes on about those who made it their main occupation consistent destruction of Russian-American cooperation.” “These figures have been searching for enemies where they really exist,” she added, stressing that “the security interests of the United States, this approach clearly does not meet”.

Last Friday, the US state Department announced it had imposed sanctions on 30 individuals and companies from 10 countries from non-compliance with the law on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons against Iran, North Korea and Syria. What countries fall under the sanctions, was not specified. On Saturday it became known that in the sanctions list of the USA were eight Russian companies.

According to the Agency TASS, which refers to the representative of the US administration, under the new sanctions came as the joint-stock company (JSC) “Rosoboronexport”, JSC “150 aircraft repair plant”, foreign economic Association “Aviaexport”, JSC “Scientific-production Association “Basalt”, JSC “Scientific and production Corporation “engineering Design Bureau”, Ulyanovsk Institute of civil aviation named after chief Marshal of aviation Bugaev, the Ural training center of civil aviation, the air force Academy named after Professor Zhukovsky and Gagarin.