Became known the details of the last day Boronenkov before the murder

The night before the murder

The former Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov, was shot dead on Thursday 23 March in Kiev, in his last night almost did not sleep. He and his wife, ex-Deputy of the lower chamber of the same convocation Maria Maksakova, to five o’clock in the morning tried to smuggle one of the cars Boronenkov from Belarus to Ukraine. To deliver the car was a personal driver Boronenkov. This was stated by the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko and former state Duma Deputy Ilya Ponomarev.

However, on the Ukrainian border the car was stopped, because the laws of the country to enter there by car maybe only the owner, says Ponomarev. Ukrainian border guards put in front of Voronenkova condition: that machine legally came into the country, he will have to cross the border, to getting behind the wheel. Former member of the feared persecution by the Russian security forces (the Investigative Committee charged him in absentia with fraud in real estate), even on the territory of Belarus and comply with the requirements of the border guards refused.

The solution came from Gerashchenko, who is in Kiev with the Voronenkova introduced Ponomarev. On his advice, the ex-Deputy went to the Ukrainian territory, turned on the “neutral” strip between transmission of the two States and back.

Since the transportation of the machine took all night, the next day Boronenkov went to the meeting without his wife, said a source close to the family of ex-parliamentarians. “They always wore to important meetings together,” said the former head office of “United civil front” in St. Petersburg, Olga Kurnosova, who moved to Kyiv in 2014 “because of the close attention of special services.” Boronenkov the protection provided by the Directorate General of intelligence (Gur) of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, had to split up: one bodyguard stayed with Maksakova, second and the driver went and Voronenkova.

Meeting in Kiev

Thursday Boronenkov had to meet Ponomariov in the center of the Ukrainian capital. Former Russian deputies wanted to discuss the request of Moscow to Interpol — Boronenkov could declare the international wanted list. Officially, the inquiry about Boronenkov Russian authorities didn’t confirm this information failed. “Denis said can’t see me before 12:30 as he had an important meeting,” said Ponomarev. Who was supposed to meet Boronenkov, he doesn’t know. However, an hour before the appointed time Boronenkov Ponomarev wrote that the meeting was unexpectedly canceled.

“He’s clearly sitting somewhere in the cafe, someone was waiting and sent his interview that eve has given” — said Ponomarev. One of the SMS messages with a link to an interview Boronenkov sent Gerashchenko four minutes before the murder, which occurred at 11:25, said Ukrainian MP, showing the message on the screen of your phone.

Voronenkov was going to meet with someone from the acquaintances of employees of the Federal security service (FSB), said Ponomarev. “Maybe they told him something about how to solve the problem with the selling of apartments in Moscow”, — said the ex-Deputy.

Solve questions: who were business partners Denis Boronenkov

The investigators received from the phone of a murdered data, which will help determine the identity of the appointed meeting Voronenkov, says Gerashchenko. Officially about who can call slain in the morning of 23 March, the Ukrainian interior Ministry has still not announced.

At 11.25 local time, at the intersection of streets Pushkin and Shevchenko Boulevard, near the building of the luxury hotel “Premier Palace” Boronenkov caught the killer. On the recording surveillance camera, published a few hours after the tragedy, it is clear that the man draped with a hooded briskly caught up with the victim, hailed the ex-Deputy , and when he turned, fired almost at point blank range. Guarding Boronenkov officer tried to strike the attacker bag-purse, but missed. The killer has wounded the security guard, shot twice lying on the ground Boronenkov and tried to escape. But the wounded guard lying on the pavement, managed to get a gun and opened fire back, fatally wounding the killer. The killer died of his wounds on the operating table a few hours later.

The shots in Kiev: what version is, in the case of the murder of Denis Boronenkov

Unfulfilled plans

A few hours after the murder Gerashchenko posted on his page in Facebook the document to him two days before death sent Denis Boronenkov. Referred to in the document was the creation of the nonprofit Center of Ukrainian-Russian investigations (CURR). According to Ponomarev, who worked on the project together with the victim, Boronenkov prepared about two weeks ago, a short letter with a description of the center for leadership of Ukraine — head of presidential administration Igor Rainin and Secretary of the national security Council and defense Oleksandr Turchynov. “He talked to people in the presidential administration, and this week they had him do some counter-proposals on the subject of CURR,” — said Ponomarev. The idea Boronenkov supported Gerashchenko and the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios.

According to Gerashchenko, the victim was going to focus on the themes of smuggling and money-laundering of the Russian political elite in Ukraine. In particular, Boronenkov interested in smuggling in the South-East of the country as “one of the examples” of the new center. Ready figures “to develop” Boronenkov was not, says Ponomarev.

“We didn’t want to do the volunteer center, Voronenkov it was important to work with the government”, — has explained the concept of CURR former MP. Boronenkov, Ponomarev assured, serious about the project of creating CURR because the future, perhaps the center could become the main source of income of ex-MP. The question of financing the new structure was not critical, as the Ukrainian business are willing to invest in such projects, said Ponomarev.

The concept of the centre Boronenkov discussed and immigrated to Kiev political activist Olga Kurnosova. “We met a few days before the murder, met,” — said Kurnosova. Ideas Boronenkov seemed interesting to her, but was captivated by the project of the wife of the murdered Maria Maksakova. “Mary had planned to do what I planned in 2014 to create in Kiev a Center of Russian immigration,” says Kurnosova. According to her, the organization was supposed to help who moved to Ukraine for the Russians. What will happen to the project now, Kurnosov did not know. Maksakova was not talking officially about its future plans, but, according to Ponomareva, it is not going to return to Russia, being confident in the “Russian trace” in the murder of her husband.

Denis Boronenkov, a former Deputy of Russian state Duma from the Communist party. In Ukraine he left in October 2016, after losing the September elections to the state Duma. At the end of January it became known that the ex-MP gave Kiev testify against the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych on the case of his treason. In mid-February, Boronenkov in one of the interviews has compared Russia with Nazi Germany and called the annexation of Crimea annexation.

March 3, Basmanny court of Moscow arrested in absentia Boronenkov on charges of fraud and falsification of documents. Soon, he was declared internationally wanted. According to investigators, in 2010-2011, Boronenkov, together with other persons illegally reissued and sold a building that belonged to the confectionery firm of “Tom”. According to SKR, as a result of fraud, he received about $1.2 million and 6.4 million rubles.

After the murder Boronenkov March 23 in Kiev, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine opened a criminal case under part 2 St. 115 criminal code of Ukraine (premeditated murder). The responsibility for the crime Ukrainian authorities laid on Moscow. Boronenkov could be killed as a witness in the case of treason of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych or as a witness in a smuggling case in the structure of the FSB, said the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called the attack on Boronenkov “state terrorism” on the part of Russia. In the Kremlin statement on “the notorious Russian trace” in the murder Boronenkov called in response to the absurd.