In the Duma, complained about the freezing of contacts with the Kremlin

The care of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin and the appointment in his place of Sergei Kiriyenko has led to the fact that the Duma faction lost contact with the Kremlin. About it the newspaper “Vedomosti” said the deputies of the state Duma.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Igor Lebedev (LDPR), the opposition factions now have no contact with the presidential administration. “I’ll say this: none of the parliamentary parties now there is no dialogue”, — quotes the edition of a word of Lebedev.

This information was confirmed by Deputy Chairman of the faction “Fair Russia” Alexander Burkov. He said that in the regions has already begun, “the problem with the governors”, but the party does not know with whom these issues can be resolved in the Kremlin. Before, said Burkov, you can always talk to the head of Department of internal policy (Ohr) Tatiana Voronova, legislative is responsible to the Deputy chief of the Ohr radium Khabirov, working with the media — Timur Prokopenko. After the change of leadership of the presidential administration, said Burkov, the administration very rarely called, even the leaders of the factions. Close to the leadership of the Communists the source also confirmed that the administration of the President weakened. “Communication with UVP has truly become smaller. For us it is not visible because it was previously more extensive on the initiative of the Communist party”, — he said.

A source close to the leadership of the state Duma, explained that a CIP is missing the relevant Deputy head. This, in his opinion, was one of the reasons for the decline of the level of interaction with the Kremlin. The source in the presidential administration told the newspaper that he was surprised of the complaint of the deputies to the freezing of relations. He said that the cooperation proceeds in a normal daily routine.