Prosecutors in South Korea filed a request to arrest ex-President

Prosecutors in South Korea have decided to seek arrest of ex-President Park Geun-Hye, accused of involvement in the corruption scandal, the Agency Yonhap.

Monday, March 27, the court was referred the request for a warrant to arrest Park Geun-Hye, the charges against him include bribery, abuse of power, transferring confidential information to her friend Choi sung-SIL.

Scandal Pak broke out in October 2016. It is learned that Choi sung-SIL used her position to force the nation’s biggest corporations to Fund its charity projects. In November 2016, Choi was arrested, the Prosecutor’s office said there was suspicion that the former President was an accomplice Choi in several episodes.

The South Korean Parliament supported the impeachment of Pak in early December, 2016, and on March 10 the decision of impeachment approved by the constitutional court of South Korea.