The media learned about the downed helicopter in Syria

The group “Ahrar al-sham” announced the downed helicopter near the village of Salma in the Syrian province of Latakia, according to the publication, “al-Masdar”.

According to sources, in a place where the helicopter was shot down, detected “increased activity” of the Russian air force. They argue the sources, trying to locate the downed helicopter.

The helicopter was shot down by heavy machine gun, according to the group. If there is a victim or victims, edition unknown.

Soon, the representative of the Centre for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria said that the statements about the downed Russian helicopter is not true. “All the aircraft of Russia’s air strikes in the Syrian Arab Republic on the base airfields or perform tasks. Message to the terrorists-controlled information resources about the allegedly downed Russian helicopter does not correspond to reality,” he said.

According to Almasdar 24, the helicopter belongs to the Syrian army. However, the Syrian army did not confirm these data. The TV channel “al-Dzhazira” also writes about the downed helicopter. According to him, the helicopter belongs to the Syrian government forces.

Informed of downed Russian helicopters said banned in Russia organization “Islamic state”. In November last year, ISIS announced the downed helicopter in the province of HOMS. The reconciliation centre then reported that the Russian helicopter made a forced landing 40 miles from Palmyra and that the landing area was shelled by militants. The Russian military didn’t hurt.