Volodin spoke about the “soft” against the Russian security forces to protesters

At the meeting with Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, in St. Petersburg, the head of the OSCE parliamentary Assembly Christine Muttonen asked Volodin to explain to the European politicians, what exactly happened yesterday in Moscow and other cities and what caused the protests of the Russians.

“Where the law is broken, as well as in European countries, those responsible for public order, do everything to comply with the law, — said Volodin. — If to speak about Russian law enforcement authorities, they exercised the right much more correctly, in a much milder form than in some European countries where the use of water cannons and gas, and rubber bullets to dispersal”.

Volodin said that the reason rallies can be different citizens have the right to hold them. “And if, in accordance with the law, the citizens hold meetings and there is no violation of national legislation is the will of the citizens. If the laws are violated, regardless of the country in which [it occurs], that’s a violation,” — said the speaker of the lower house.

Muttonen Volodin has reminded that recently the state Duma has addressed to the European Parliament with a request to assess the events in Ukraine, when the radical immured employees of Russian banks, but so far the Europeans have not given this assessment. “And do not need to replace these questions with the meetings that we have throughout can happen,” said speaker of the lower house.

According to him, in Russia, meetings are held almost every week in accordance with the law. “It is our achievement, we are a free country, and our citizens have the right to Express their opinion and to make a decision to engage in a rally or not to participate. But all this must be according to the law”, — concluded the speaker.