The majority of Russians called unacceptable corruption in government

One in nine Russians and 89% of the respondents consider unacceptable corruption in government, according to a survey of public opinion conducted by the “Levada-center”, told “Vedomosti”.

At the same time every second — 20% of respondents allow solving everyday questions with the help of bribes. Sociologists say that most citizens give bribes when violating traffic rules, they get their license or are in the hospital.

Deputy Director of “Levada-center” Alexei Grazhdankin explains that this “double assessment” due to the fact that people believe in the need to use existing mechanisms to facilitate everyday life. According to him, corruption is “a normal life is impossible”, therefore, at the household level, people are willing to forgive those who resorted to it. “But they don’t understand problems those in power, believing that they are more free and could and without corruption, to solve problems,” says Grazhdankin.

Increased the number of those who believe that corruption affects all organs of the Russian authorities “from top to bottom”. Now this opinion was expressed by 32% of respondents, while a year ago — 25%. However, the number of people who believe that Vladimir Putin, in full or in large measure responsible for the extent of corruption in the country in 2013 decreased from 73 to 67%. Deputy Director of “Levada-center” Alexei Grazhdankin indicates that allegations of corruption “are not decisive in determining the attitude of one or another political figure” because there are other qualities, “which outweighs”.

According to analyst Nikolay Petrov, Russia’s attitude to corruption is pragmatic, because it is not “ideological rejection of corruption”, but simply a dislike of corrupt officials. According to him the explanation for this can be found in the famous formula “the rigidity of the laws kompensiruet the optionality of their execution”, in which corruption is just providing this optionality.”People believe that in such a system you can live with, because it’s flexible, and it is not necessary to fulfill the requirements of the law,” said Petrov. Ontake notes that the theme of criticism of corruption clear to all political groups, than is often used by populists.

For the government the issue of corruption it is inconvenient, and although the power of anyone to punish, or “show me the money in the boxes”, but to promote it as a campaign or to give the subject to someone at the mercy of the will not, he said.