The members of the HRC and the head of the Council disagreed on rallies against corruption

Several members of the Council for human rights at the President (SPCH) did not agree with the position of the head of the Department Mikhail Fedotov, who criticized the organizers of the unauthorized shares.

On the website of the HRC published a letter of journalist Elena Masyuk. She said that after the end of the protests had urged colleagues to make assessment of the incident and cited the example of the testimony of detainees and victims about the actions of Riot police during a rally.

In addition, masuk immediately offered to create a working group of the HRC on the collection of information, its analysis and preparation of the report after the anti-corruption rallies. She said that it was supported by only a few fellow journalist Maxim Shevchenko, a Professor of Economics Ilya shablinsky, Director of information-analytical center “Sova” Alexander verkhovskiy, Chairman of the “Committee for the prevention of torture” Igor Kalyapin, Director of the Association “In defense of voters’ rights “GOLOS” Liliya Shibanova, as well as the Secretary of the Union of Russian journalists Leonid Nikitinsky and Board member of “Memorial” Sergey Krivenko.

Fedotov spoke against the establishment of this group. He did not go to the detainees in the police Department, however, called for police, who only suffered in the course of meetings. Masuk reminded that the injured police officer Eugene Gavrilov was a victim of the “Bolotnaya case”, wrote about The Village. Gavrilov was a witness in the case of Ivan the forgetful. According to the prosecution, the latter beat a police officer on may 6, 2012. The court appointed the Forgetful punishment in the form of 2.5 of imprisonment in a General regime colony.

In the letter the journalist stated that the organizers of the rallies “in the majority of cases received unmotivated refusals in their conduct”. A member of the HRC as an example, led a protest rally in Moscow on Tverskaya street. In her view, failure in actions that are “not conditional on anything other than political bias and unwillingness to provide equal political opportunities for the opponents.”

Masuk called for political dialogue and said that it is necessary to investigate the circumstances of the attack on the police. She warned that in the case of law enforcement authorities ‘ response to the incident Russia risks becoming a police state. “But there is no such state prospects — as shown by the experience of dozens of countries, including our own experience,” summed up a member of the HRC.

The letter masuk 10 signatures of members of the HRC, including the signature of the journalist Leonid Parfenov and the Chairman of the organization “Soldiers’ mothers of St. Petersburg” Ella Polyakova.