Details became known attacks on Regardie in Chechnya

Sudden attack

The servicemen of military unit of Regardie (in/h 3761) in the Chechen village of Naurskaya, where in the night from Thursday to Friday, March 24, was attacked by the fighters were unarmed. This was reported by a source in Regardie and a source close to power structures of Chechnya.

By six o’clock in the evening, all military personnel, according to the guidance document, hand over weapons in a storage room, the keys of which are on duty of military unit, said the sources . In case of an attack on the part of the duty at the checkpoint (checkpoint) must report to the unit commander. The commander, in turn, must take the keys of munitions at the Desk part and to give the men weapons. But the night of the attack, no alarms from duty at the checkpoint were reported during the attack they slept, say interlocutors .

The militants climbed over the fence, unnoticed in the fog crept up to the checkpoint and went through the open door, because while on duty to close the door is not necessary, restore the chronology of the attack , a source close to power structures of Chechnya. The attackers stabbed the two sleeping on duty, took their guns and rubber truncheons. On entering the territory of the rebels stumbled on a patrol. Only the attack on the guards was attended by eight people, say interlocutors . Six militants were killed during the ensuing firefight with the patrol, which unlike the rest of the fighters of the weapons were with him. Two more accomplices of the militants in the attack were outside the territory of the military unit — “stood guard”, so when the panic rose, managed to escape, said a second source. One of the two escapees have already been caught, told from Regardie.

Hearing the sounds of gunfire, one of the ordinary part of the 15 min. tried to call the Desk, and another contractor called in a nearby military unit and reported the attack, but he did not immediately believe, said the sources . Previously TASS with reference to own sources reported that the militants were not six, but eight. According to the Agency, the attack was repulsed after the battle at the checkpoint.

At least six of the eight attackers stood on a preventative (so-called Wahhabi) accounting, said a source close to power structures of Chechnya. “Wachusett” is organized by the Ministry of internal Affairs in the Caucasus the practice of informal accounting of persons suspected of extremism. In one of the groups in “Vkontakte” appeared a photo of the killed, taken, presumably, in the statement on the preventive account. Attacked the military part of the “useful only for weapons,” concludes the source .

Old friends

The militants were familiar with the territory of the military unit, said a source close to power structures of Chechnya. “Some of them had previously taken part in the construction works: tinted, bleached”, — he said.

One of the six dead soldiers of Regardie was a signalman and was on the scene of a shooting accident. “There were two persons on duty at a checkpoint, three of them on patrol, and the signalman was at the wrong time in the wrong place,” said a source from Regardie. In the night of Friday in the dress at the checkpoint had to be on duty three soldiers, but one of them “called in sick”. The daily routine in accordance with the legislation says the commander. However, if necessary, the working day may be extended, explained the source. According to him, the command of a military unit that was attacked, “unnecessarily” set around-the-clock service. To take a “day off”, the soldiers gave a bribe, the spokesman said.

“There is this trick: approach the commander, roll it [money] and for a week vacay home on business. Now the guy want to put”, — he said. A source close to Chechen security forces, added that “the day walk” outside the territory of the military unit costs 1 thousand rubles, and the military call this time off “about**om.”

According to the source, patrol, noticing the sick are distinguishable in the mist of strangers, shouted: “Stop!” Is militants said: “His work with the PR*BA return.” Because of the fact that the patrol heard the familiar words and they do not respond properly, said the source. “When the militants opened fire, it became clear that this is not your own”, — concluded the source .

Edition waits for a response to requests from Regardie, the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR), as well as from the Ministry of interior in Chechnya. The TFR in Chechnya has offered to send requests to the TFR in the North Caucasus Federal district and Resguardo “for consideration on the merits.”

The official version

According to security officers (Regardie, SC and NAC), a group of six fighters in the night from 23 to 24 March, with knives and firearms, “using fog”, attacked a military unit 3761, located in the village of Naurskaya (Chechnya). The attack killed six soldiers of Regardie, three more got wounds. During the shooting killed six militants. The bodies of two of them was discovered to be a fake suicide belts.

The responsibility for what happened assumed banned in Russia organization “Islamic state” (ISIS). President Vladimir Putin called this a terrorist attack “heavy event”, but the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that he considers himself guilty in the attack.

“In this case in the first place is my fault and the fault of all power and law enforcement structures in Chechnya,” said Kadyrov. According to him, the military “relaxed, thinking that all neutralized and detained”. The head of the Chechen Republic considers that the radicals planned to capture weapons to commit terrorist acts.

Version “New”

“The new newspaper” questioned the official version of the death of the attacked part of Regardie. According to the findings of the newspaper, the militants were killed during the attack, and was shot “at close range” after the arrest. “All the dead entry is located in the vicinity of the ear”, — was stated in the article.

Arguing their conclusions, “Novaya Gazeta” wrote that on the left hand of one of the dead terrorists is clearly visible smooth fresh bruise, resembling in appearance the trace of the cuffs. “Novaya Gazeta” also claims that the fake suicide belts were strapped by the corpses of militants. “You can see that IED [improvised explosive device] strapped to the body of the deceased yellow tape over the fresh stains of earth, grass and blood on the jacket “the attacker”, — said the publication.

According to “Novaya Gazeta” in a military unit 3761 serve primarily business travelers from other regions soldiers (source clarified that in part serve exclusively contract servicemen). “New” referring to the inhabitants of the stanitsa of Naurskaya put forward the hypothesis that between local Chechens and of the military men there was a conflict on national soil, which could be detained Chechens. “However, this version still does not clarify the circumstances of the injury and death of nine guards”, — said the publication.

Sniper, rope marks and IEDs

Some of those killed by “a sniper shot, a Dagestani”, explained the interlocutor of Regardie bullet wounds of fighters in the head. According to him, all attacked the part of the residents of the village. In addition to the knives they were carrying IEDs.

“Belts of shahids were not dummies [as stated in official version], and of IEDs that the insurgents strapped with tape,” said a source from Regardie, stressing that the explosive devices were low-power. “If one of the terrorists brought the belt in action, then he would not have died” — the interlocutor explained.

The marks on the hand, who noticed “New”, left ropes rubber batons, according to sources . Photo (18+) one of the dead published on the website of the analytical community “Operational line”. In addition, the “New” previously released photos of other dead. In both photos the marks on the hands rather of the rope, not handcuffs, said the head of the Department of judicial medicine, First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov Yuri Pigolkin.

“Damage — uncharacteristic actions from the metal handcuffs, because the trace of jagged edges, — said the medical examiner photo of the “New”. — If it was the handcuffs, the strip would be smooth. The nature trail [pictured “New”] hourglass. On the lower and upper parts of the brush, there are abrasions. Perhaps it was dragged by the hand”. However, to completely exclude the version with the handcuffs is impossible, said Pigolkin. According to him, such damage could be inflicted by handcuffs if he tried to pull off her bracelet.

The strengthening of security measures

Advisor to the Director of Regardie Alexander Khinshtein refused to assess the publication “Novaya Gazeta”. “There is a criminal case, there are investigative group, we have bodies like our troops and militants. And, of course, the case will be carried out all necessary examinations, including pathology. The examination will determine the cause of death of everyone”, — he told .

After the attack in the North Caucasus “was introduced battle mode,” said Khinshtein. On the question of whether increased security measures in Moscow after the events of March 24, Khinshtein said that he know nothing about it. According to adviser to the Director of Regardie, in any case, anti-terrorist measures in Moscow and all over Russia “are used actively and effectively.”

“The incident showed that the problem of international terrorism, its threat in Russia is also relevant. The national guard today is at the forefront not just of terrorism, but international terrorism”, he added. Khinshtein said that during the attack the militants had the advantage. The fact that the attacker was killed on the spot, indicating a high readiness and professionalism of the Russian soldiers, he concluded.

Radical sympathy

Despite the fact that the responsibility for the attack was claimed by ISIS militants in recent years, the number sympathetic to radical Islamists in the North Caucasus increased, fear of the “return in 90-e” is not necessary, experts believe.

The first cell of ISIS in the region appeared with the end of 2014. Finally the Caucasian branch of the grouping “Vilayat of the Caucasus” (“Wilayah” means “the province”) was formed in June of 2015, when the leader of the “Vilayat” took the oath of allegiance to the leader of the “Islamic state”. To date, only in official search for the North Caucasus features around 50 operating ISIL militants, said military expert Andrew Pautov. While the number of sympathizers at times more, he said. “Roskomnadzor worst terrorist pages and sites. But any newly created group per day gaining at least 500 subscribers,” — said Payusov.

The number of loyal radicals has increased after Russia’s accession in September 2015, war in Syria, said the head of the research Department of middle East conflicts of the Institute of innovative development Anton Mardas. “When the Chechens saw that our special operations Forces conduct raids with stripes Shiite Hezbollah, it made them not that puzzling, but, frankly, anger” — he said, Recalling that most of the inhabitants of the Republic are Sunni. Send “Chechen” battalion of the military police of the Ministry of defense in Syria is connected with the attempt to smooth over religious differences, says Mardas.

Islamist underground still exists, and fighters continue to sabotage, said the associate Professor of the Department of regional studies and foreign policy of the Russian state humanitarian University Sergey Markedonov. For example, in August 2016, ISIL claimed responsibility for the attack on a police post in the suburbs, in December for assaulting police officers in Grozny, he said. But that doesn’t mean that fighters don’t is a struggle and they feel at ease — the return to the “Russia of the 90s” should not be expected, as the major terrorist groups in Russia does not remain, I am sure Markedonov.

ISIL has claimed responsibility for the attack, since trying to attract media attention to the background of defeats in Syria and Iraq in 2016, said the orientalist, senior lecturer, HSE, Leonid Isaev. “For jihadists the worst — if you forget about them and stop writing and talking. Their main strategy is not to organize the attack, and to monitor the attacks and as soon as something happened, to say that we are” the expert summed up.