In the headquarters of the Bulk in Tomsk reported the call to Teens for questioning

In Tomsk, after uncoordinated protests of March 26 students began to call for questioning as witnesses to the centre for combating extremism. Reports about it “New newspaper” with reference to the headquarters of Alexei Navalny in Tomsk.

Coordinator of the Tomsk staff Bulk Alena Hlistunova confirmed information about the fact of questioning students in the Tomsk centre for combating extremism.

“We are talking about 15 people, among them at least 2 student. Initially they should be held as witnesses for the opening of the headquarters of the Bulk in Tomsk on March 17. Then it was reported that, in a room that was rented for the meeting, the bomb was planted. All evacuated, and now people call this situation”, – she told.

“According to our information it is about 207 article, that is obviously untrue report on a bomb. With those with whom we had a chance to talk, ask questions about the activities of Alexei Navalny, what do you know about headquarters in Tomsk, whether they are volunteers,” added the coordinator.

Two students who received the relevant summons, said “Novaya Gazeta”, that participated in the protest held in the city on March 26.

On Sunday in Moscow and other large cities of Russia held rallies against corruption. In many cities, including in Moscow and Tomsk, action was not coordinated with the authorities. The organizer of the rallies made the Bulk. The protesters demanded to start investigation against the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on the basis of materials of the Fund of struggle against corruption “He’s not Dimon.” The film argued that the Prime Minister has “huge tracts of land in the elite areas and disposes of yachts and apartments in old mansions, as well as the agro-complexes and wineries in Russia and abroad”.