Media reported about the activities associated with Medvedev funds

Funds “Gift”, Gradislava, “Cargospace”, Foundation for support of the winter Olympic sports (FPSOS) and the Fund for social and cultural initiatives (FSKI) are mentioned in the investigations of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny and the edition of “Interlocutor” as an organization who own residences in different parts of the country, which is the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev and run by former classmates of the Prime Minister. According to “Novaya Gazeta”, all of them are charitable foundations, which theoretically should be published on the website of the Ministry of justice or on its website information about where they got the money and what to spend.

However, in the case of “Gradelevel”, FPSOS and FSKI own sites funds do not exist, and the place of the Foundation “Dar” was not an office, and construction site.

According to the publication, “the Gift” in 2015 received a donation of 1.4 billion rubles, and on charity projects have not spent anything. The “other events” went 454,6 million rubles for the purchase of “fixed assets inventory” RUB 574 million, and for salaries, travel, maintenance of vehicles and buildings is 224,7 million rubles. for Example, in 2010 “the Gift” paid Krasnodar company 603,4 million rubles for the construction of non-residential building in the village Milovka under the Plyos.

Fund Gradislava in 2013 received 549 million RUB from an unnamed source. The money is not classified either as donation or as income. Data for other years are given.

“Cargospace” in 2015, received a RUB 1 billion, and spent on charity 750 million rubles, however, did not indicate that it did.

Owning a house Psehako in Sochi, FPSOS in 2015, spent 160 million rubles to charity and a large amount to 211 million rubles — for the maintenance of the Executive office.

Novaya Gazeta has tried to contact the heads of the funds, however, the “Gift” and Gradislava said that provide all the data to the Supervisory authorities, and FPSOS and “Cargospace” is not responding.

The Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny on March 2 published an investigation about “the secret of real estate” Dmitry Medvedev. He argued that the Prime Minister related to funds received 70 billion rubles in the form of donations and managed by people who know Medvedev’s residence in ples and personal objects of the government. While Navalny, referring to the accounting statements, called several sources of financing funds, among which are mentioned the shareholders of NOVATEK, Gazprombank loans.

The Fund of struggle against corruption, spoke about “a secret property” Medvedev

“Bulk material has a pronounced pre-election character, as he himself says. To comment on the propaganda attacks of the opposition and the convict character, who said that he already has some campaign and fighting with the authorities is pointless,” — said Medvedev’s press Secretary Natalya Timakova.

Dmitry Medvedev himself the investigation of the FBC did not comment on what was the occasion for mass protests on Sunday. In several cities they were not sanctioned by the authorities, which led to mass arrests. Only in Moscow in the plots was delivered more than 1,000 people. Arrested were the leaders of the FBC. Bulk eventually received 15 days of administrative arrest, his chief of staff Leonid Volkov — 10, head of the Moscow branch of the Party of progress Nikolai Laskin — 25.

Member of the Board of Directors of Gazprombank and head of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation “Dar” Ilya Eliseev in comments said that he plans soon to submit comments, in which he will explain “what really is behind those “facts” about him and his work colleagues, which abundantly generate political crooks and serve them, journalists”.

The Eliseev said that “did not exclude the prosecution of persons discrediting his reputation and the reputation of the organizations in which it participates”.