Putin dismissed the head of the traffic police

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about the dismissal of the head of the main Department on security of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Victor Nilov. Document published in Wednesday, March 29, on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The reasons for personnel decisions, the decree does not say. As previously wrote “Fontanka” confirmed the source in the leadership of one of the power structures of the permutations associated with the forthcoming reform of the traffic police: the Agency will cease to exist as an independent unit and will be part of the patrol.

About the upcoming reorganization was announced at the last Board of the interior Ministry, said “Fontanka”. The exact timing of the reform are still there: according to the publication, all changes must be completed no earlier than 2018.

Viktor Nilov, head of traffic police in 2011. Prior to that, he served as the Deputy chief of Department of safety of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs. The head of the Union of the Moscow police Michael Pashkin not plot a retired major General of the police. “Maybe he retired, maybe Vladimir Putin is not satisfied with the traffic police, every day people die on the roads. The situation is not improving,” said Pashkin.

About the future care nil in the beginning of March 2017 reported by Life. The publication notes that in its place will be one of the leaders of the Ministry in the far Eastern Federal district. The interior Ministry then denied this information.