A Ukrainian court ordered the return to the state airline Kolomoisky

Economic court is obliged to transfer to the state of 94.5% stake in the airline “Dniproavia”, which co-owner was Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky. This was stated by Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko on his page in Facebook.

“Today the decision of Economic court on representation of the Dnipropetrovsk regional Prosecutor’s office of 94.5% shares of OJSC “Aviation company “Dniproavia” is obliged to write off in favor of the state”, – wrote Lutsenko. “Boris Filatov [the mayor of the Dnieper] seem to be a lot of saved. The new airport won’t have to build,” – said Lutsenko.

According to the publication “Ukrainian news”, we are talking about court proceedings under the claim of Fund of state property to “Accountants” with the requirement to cancel the contract of purchase and sale by results of the privatization tender dated 28 August 2009 under President Viktor Yushchenko.

The requirement of the state property Fund of termination of the agreement based on the assertion that “Accountants” underfunded update the international airport “Dnepropetrovsk”, separated from the airline after privatization in 2011 and converted into its subsidiary, the publication adds.

Dniproavia is a Ukrainian airline based in the city of Dnepr (former Dnepropetrovsk). 94,57% stake in the airline owned by “Accountants”, which, according to Ukrainian media, controlled by the group “Privat” Igor Kolomoisky.

According to SPARK, “Dniproavia” belongs to “Accountants”, which head is Yuri Pugach. He is the former head of JSC “Privat intertreyding”, one of the owners of which is Kolomoisky.