“Don’t embitter the youth” why the Duma has stood up for arrested

Stood up for the protesters

On Thursday afternoon, March 30, the liberal democratic party called for the release of young people detained at rallies against corruption last Sunday. “Maybe they violated the order. But these young men and the very fact of the detention was a good lesson for the future. Someone succumbed to the propaganda, someone came out of curiosity. Not worth even more embitter the young, keeping them in custody,” — said in a party statement on the website of the party.

The Chairman of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has decided to make such a call on Wednesday evening, after “I understood the situation, read the press and the responses of the detainees,” said a source in the faction. According to him, the politician might revert to this matter at a plenary session next Wednesday.

“The cowardly silence of both the authorities and official mass media [about the meetings], it causes laughter, wrote in LJ, Vice-speaker of the Duma from LDPR Igor Lebedev. — Now whatever you say — silly happens. Statements already not otrajaetsya, we need a meaningful dialogue. And as it is conducted? Something to offer people? No suggestions? You do not have it. And we have — there. I mean not only the liberal democratic party and the Duma all opposition.” In his opinion, the activists came out to protest not against the Prime Minister, and against insecurity. The Deputy speaker warned that if students share taken away by police, along with them, tomorrow the shares may include “parents, friends and friends of parents — which is three to four times more people.”

A source in the faction “United Russia” considers “strange to comment on the initiative of Zhirinovsky” and recommended that “to refer the matter to law enforcement agencies”.

March 26 in Moscow and dozens of other large cities of Russia have passed anticorruption meetings, the participants demanded that the authorities reaction to the film Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny “He’s not Dimon.” The authors of the film-the investigation talked about the real estate and land plots that are owned by funds associated, as indicated by BCF, with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The scale was Moscow anti-corruption protest — in participated, according to official data, 8 thousand people. ress-Secretary of the Bulk Kira Armys estimated the number of protesters in the 25 to 30 thousand people in Moscow and at least 150 thousand in the whole country. With more than 1 thousand people were arrested following the campaign. 63 persons were under arrest in the capital as of Thursday afternoon, according to the summary table of the headquarters of aid to detainees from the “Urban projects” and “Open Russia”, (available at).

Ready to help the protestors in the rest of the opposition factions. The Deputy of the Duma of the “Fair Russia” Oleg Shein said the full support requirements for the immediate release of all detainees in General. “I do not know yet what is the opinion of the faction, but I think it would be the right decision. Draconian rules on the punishment of rallies I need to change that,” he said. According to Shein, the fact that this was publicly say representatives of the liberal democratic party, due to the fact “that the agenda has changed, and to stay in it, the parliamentary opposition needs to change its rhetoric.”

MP from the Communist party in the Moscow city Duma Andrey Klychkov has asked the Moscow Prosecutor’s office to review the circumstances of detention of people at rallies, said the Communist . In the request, he identified a situation with the police Department in the district Metrogorodok, where detainees in the night of 27 number not allowed lawyers and were not given food. The Communist asks prosecutors to check irregularities in the detention and take appropriate measures.

In parallel, Communist party Deputy in the state Duma Valery Rashkin asked the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika to check the actions of the Ministry of internal Affairs in detention (request got). The statement said that although city hall announced that the police during the protests acted professionally, but according to the media has been grossly violated rights of citizens on access to detainees and their meeting with the lawyers. Rashkin said he supports the idea to release all detainees during protest actions.

The day before the announcement, liberal democratic party, on Wednesday morning, the Duma and the Federation Council urged the Prime Minister to answer charges in the investigation of the FBC. At a briefing in the state Duma the leader spravorossov called on the authorities to speak publicly about the activities close to the premiere of the Fund referred to in the investigation team Navalny. A source in “Fair Russia” recognized that the position to criticize whether the Medvedev — has changed literally at the last moment: “a few days ago I said that we did not respond to any investigation of the Bulk, nor the calls of the Communist party to hold its parliamentary investigation.”

Simultaneously with Mironov on a theme of the protests was made by the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. “The government should not just say or pretend that nothing is happening,” — said the speaker of the upper house of Parliament, urging “not to hide the head under the wing”. And the Senator from the Irkutsk Vyacheslav markhayev proposed to require the state office of public Prosecutor investigate all the facts related to income and assets, Prime Minister Medvedev.

Previously on 24 March in the Communist party faction in the state Duma proposed to verify the facts from the investigation FBK Bulk of the Prime Minister.

Political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko connects the idea of parliamentary parties to release detained after unsanctioned rallies in an attempt to score political points. “The opposition parties do not want to lose initiative, to give it to someone else. And they position themselves as the forces that support the protesters. And, moreover, in contrast to the Bulk they present themselves as forces that can provide real help, using parliamentary mechanisms,” he said.

Deputies of the opposition parties can “throw” on Medvedev, but that does not mean that they are “willing to conduct a campaign to remove” the government believes the political scientist Gleb Pavlovsky. “Rather, it is the development of information about it,” he concluded. “The growth of dissent are obvious and stay loyal makes no sense. In the fashion of protest and opposition”, — said political analyst Abbas Gallyamov.

The Kremlin changed tactics

After activation of both houses on the issue of rallies on Thursday the situation around rallies for the first time commented on the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. At the International Arctic forum in Arkhangelsk, he called the misuse of the protests for “self-promotion in the political arena on the eve of some political events, including election campaigns”. Unauthorized protests led to the “Arab spring” and regime change in Kiev, Putin said. “What havoc have loaded these events of our neighbor, Ukraine, we are also well aware,” he said.

The statements of the President of Minchenko called “the exhortations of a wise and experienced man”, that all these scenarios have already been passed and should learn from the mistakes of others.

The Kremlin will try to diversify its tactics against the protesters on March 26, said the political analyst Tatiana Stanovaya. In her opinion, against the organizers of protest actions will be held not too repressive, but nonetheless, hard line.

But the members of the government will try to engage in dialogue and find out their motivation. “Putin’s statement fits into this model. Unlikely factions will be asked to let go of Bulk, I think that the faction advocate a soft approach towards the participants”, — says Stanovaya. Under the influence of the coming presidential elections “the government is trying to negotiate with the progressive class, which promised that the new term of Putin will be the last,” he says. “There is a humanization of the image of Putin, pardon, review of criminal cases — the desire to avoid conflict with the opposition, and thus decided to give to let off steam,” concluded the analyst.

Putin spoke on the theme of the meeting after the joint working visit with Medvedev in the Arctic. Due to the cross-criticism of the Prime Minister by both houses of Parliament and massive rallies demanding to dismiss Medvedev close to the Kremlin sources have connected the trip with the attempt by the President to stand up for the second person.

“Putin’s the first thing protects the employee, regardless of what he thinks — I agree Pavlovsky. — But it does not follow that the officer can feel secure. Medvedev in place I would not have considered himself safe. I think that, at least, one of Putin’s scenarios [presidential] election implies a sudden crushing fall of Medvedev. But it must be when no-one demands”.

With the participation of Eugenia Kuznetsova, Maria Makutenas, Elena Smirnova, Sergey Vitko and Yegor Gubernatorova