Prime Minister of Moldova opposed the Memorandum of cooperation with the EEU

A Memorandum of cooperation between Moldova and the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) will not have legal force and legal consequences. This was stated on Thursday, March 30, Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip, speaking at the headquarters of NATO, where he arrived for talks with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

“There is the position of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Parliament of our country. It lies in the fact that even if this document will be signed [by the President. — ] it would not be ratified by Parliament. The President is not the owner of the country, he has the right to sign and conclude the agreement, but it must be ratified by Parliament. Signing documents, the President should represent the interests of the country. And not only to Express their opinion,” said Philip.

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon promised that a Memorandum of cooperation with the Eurasian economic Union will be signed on 3 April. Dodon, who was elected head of state at the end of last year, is a supporter of strengthening economic relations with Russia and EurAsEC countries. However, its powers are limited. The parliamentary majority and the Prime Minister in favour of maintaining the Pro-European course of development.

Published Wednesday, March 29, the draft Memorandum States that the purpose of cooperation between the parties “is to promote the development of comprehensive cooperation between the member States of the EurAsEC, the Eurasian economic Commission and the Republic of Moldova to increase the volume of mutual trade and investment.”

The draft document published in Facebook press Secretary of the President Ivan Cheban, told TASS. The document envisages the establishment of a joint working group, which will be managed by two co-chairs. Joint meetings will be scheduled at least once a year with the participation of representatives of public authorities. “This Memorandum is not an international Treaty and does not create rights and obligations regulated by international law,” the document States.

At the meeting Philip and Stoltenberg discussed the issues of cooperation between Moldova and NATO. Previously the parties have agreed on the opening in Chisinau of the NATO information office. Stoltenberg has said that it will open a small office, which will work only civil servants, not a military base.