The former candidate in US presidents has told about the attacks by Russian hackers

As reported by Reuters, the party primaries from the Republican party, Rubio entering the Senate hearing said that several former members of his campaign staff came under cyberattacks from Russia in July 2016. While Rubio said that attacks by hackers, occurred after he left the presidential race.

Rubio also refused to comment on the statement by a technical expert Clinton watts, who said that hackers attacked the headquarters of the candidate, even when he was a member of the campaign.

As previously reported edition of the Orlando Sentinel, watts, who is an expert on cybersecurity in the heart of George Washington, told a Senate Committee that Russian trolls interfered in the race in late 2015 or early 2016. According to him, the goal was to remove from the campaign of candidates who are the least responsive to Russian interests.

Rubio withdrew from the race in March 2016. The reason was the defeat in the primaries in his home state of Florida – the victory there won Donald trump.

Rubio several times acted with criticism of the Russian authorities. So, on February 28 he proposed to call the area in front of the Russian Embassy in Washington in honor of Boris Nemtsov, to support democratic forces.