The media learned about the attempt by Le Pen to get a loan for €3 million in a Russian Bank

French party “national front” headed by marine Le Pen, in June of last year tried to get a loan in a Russian Bank. About it reports the EUobserver with reference to the investigation of the French online newspaper Mediapart.

The portal has published an internal document of the “National front”, which implies that Le Pen and other leaders of the party decided to take a loan for €3 million at 6% per annum in the Bank “Strategy” (Strategy Bank). The document States that the loan is intended to Finance the presidential campaign of Le Pen.

According to the paper, the demand for the credit party has filed 15 Jun 2016. Mediapart said that the loan was to be the third issued by the “National front” in Russia. Party Treasurer Vallerand de Saint-just told the portal that the decision about the loan was “just a draft, which was not followed by any action.”

Moscow Bank “Strategy” was stripped of his license to conduct banking operations in July 2016. The Bank of Russia stated that the financial institution failed to adequately assess the risks with poor quality assets, resulting in lost equity.

As EUobserver notes, in previous years, the “national front” received a total of €11 million in loans from Russian banks. In particular the party credited First Czech-Russian Bank, recognized bankrupt in September 2016. July 1 of the same year, the Central Bank revoked his license, according to the regulator, the hole in the Bank’s capital exceeded 26 billion rubles.

March 27, live Europe 1, Le Pen said that not receiving money from Russian banks for his presidential campaign. However, she lamented the fact that the French banks refuse to lend to it because of what she has to look for funds abroad.

A few days before Len Pen visited Moscow and met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the meeting, the Russian leader said that Moscow is not going to interfere in the elections in France. Le Pen also ruled out the connection of his visit with the upcoming elections.