The Russians have less confidence in Medvedev after investigations FBC

The Russians have less confidence in Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev following an investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption. This follows from the rating of trust to Dmitry Medvedev published by Fund “Public opinion” (FOM) on Friday, March 31.

Investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption on the residences of Dmitry Medvedev and its associated funds, was published on 2 March. After the publication of the investigation, the supporters of the founder FBK Alexei Navalny organized protests against corruption in dozens of cities of Russia. The majority of the shares held on 26 March had not been agreed by the authorities.

The regular survey the public opinion Foundation, in which Russians answer two questions — do they trust the head of the Russian government and how to change their attitude to politics over the last month — once a week. Pollsters interviewed 1,500 respondents 18 years and older in the mode of personal interview, in 100 settlements of Russia. The data for this survey were collected before the rallies against corruption, therefore the protests have not yet had time to influence the opinion of respondents.

On charts published by the FOM, it follows that the number of respondents who “definitely trust” the Prime Minister is gradually decreasing since early March. If according to March 5 this answer was given 14% of respondents, March 26 – only 11% of respondents. That they “rather trust” Medvedev stated on March 5 that 32% of respondents, and March 26 — 30% of respondents.

At the same time growing the proportion of those who said that “rather not trust” or “definitely do not trust” the Prime Minister. According to March 5, these answers were given in equal proportion at 22%, and to 26 the number of the number increased to 24% and 23% percent respectively.

The number of those who “rather trust” or “absolutely trusts” President of Russia Vladimir Putin on March 5 was 40% and 41%, respectively, and by 26 March had dropped to 39%.

The number of those who “definitely do not trust the President” for the period is unchanged at 7%, and the number of those who Putin “rather not trust” increased by 1%, from 8% to 9% of the respondents.