Tillerson called the NATO main force in the fight against “Russian aggression”

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that NATO plays a key role in countering Russian aggression. He said this at a meeting of foreign Ministers of the countries of the Alliance, speaking for the first time in the headquarters of the organization in Brussels, reports the correspondent . “NATO is a fundamental force in the response as non-violent and sometimes violent agitation and aggression by Russia”, — said Tillerson.

According to him, the priority of national security of the United States is to combat terrorism. “For solving the problem of terrorism, we must remain vigilant in the defence of the Eastern border”, — he added.

The Secretary of state noted that NATO can make a “greater contribution” in the struggle, especially in regards to countering threats to cyber security. “As the ISIS [terror organization is banned in Russia. — ] increasingly uses the Internet as a powerful tool for recruitment and propaganda, we need to think about how we can deal with their activities in the network,” he said.

Tillerson noted that the fight against terrorism engaged national governments and agencies accountable to them, and offered to discuss measures to combat terrorism could be taken by NATO at the upcoming may summit. In particular, it is suggested to discuss the role of military forces within the Alliance for stability in Iraq and in the military operations of the international coalition against LIH.

At the same time Tillerson stressed the U.S. commitment required to Finance NATO in equal proportions to all countries-members. U.S. Secretary of state reminded that Washington can no longer carry “a disproportionate share of defense spending of NATO,” and urged allies to fulfill their obligations under the Welsh agreement, under which each country must increase its contribution to the defence spending of the Alliance to 2% of GDP by 2024.

The main objective at the upcoming may NATO summit of heads of States to reach agreements, according to which by year-end, all the allies will fulfill the agreed rate will provide a clear plan for achieving it, which will be determined by the annual commitment to achieving the intermediate indicators, said Tillerson. “Long-term stability from the Baltic to the Black sea, depends on all allies and not only from those who are most at risk, and fully contribute their share of the costs for the defense of the Alliance,” said Tillerson.

Prior to the meeting, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the decision to increase defence expenditure was made in September 2014 at the NATO summit in Wales to strengthen the security of the European Union, and not at the request of the United States. According to him, this is because the EU is in close proximity to conflict-ridden North Africa and the Middle East.

That during a meeting in Brussels Tillerson plans to insist that NATO should put pressure on Russia, it was known from official statements of the US State Department. As the Ministry reported, Tillerson also intended to ask the allies to strengthen their role in the fight against terrorism.

According to Bloomberg, thus Tillerson intended to reduce the anxiety of allies associated with the statements of the President of the United States President of the trump that the Alliance is “obsolete”, and with the intention Tillerson to attend the next meeting of foreign Ministers of countries-members of NATO, which coincides with the visit of President XI Jinping in the United States. The visit of XI Jinping in the U.S. next week.