Dvorkovich threatened Turkey’s response to barriers to the import of goods from Russia

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has promised to respond to the Turkish authorities if they will continue to hinder the delivery of Russian goods. The Vice Prime Minister said at a media forum of the Association of retail companies, reports TASS.

“But I hope that common sense will prevail,” — said Dvorkovich. According to him, Russia is in “constant consultation” with Turkey on trade in agricultural products, despite the fact that controversial issues between countries remain.

“Not everything goes smoothly, nevertheless, we try to find a common language,” he said. In particular, Turkey has sent Russia a request for a meeting to discuss the grain supply. According to the Vice Prime Minister, the Turkish side suggested a meeting in Moscow. “Now we are waiting for confirmation of date,” — said Dvorkovich.

March 15-Turkey exclude Russia from the list of countries with duty-free import of wheat, corn and sunflower meal. Under the new trade rules, the fee for importation of Russian wheat and corn is 130%, rice 45%, sunflower oil — 36%. The duty on the import of sunflower meal is 13.5%. Commenting on the decision of Turkey, head of the Institute for agricultural market studies (IKAR) Dmitry Rylko has noted that the duty of 130% for the supply of wheat is “prohibitive.”

The head of the Ministry Alexander Tkachev, in turn, said that Turkey’s decision to modify the conditions of import of Russian grain can lead to a complete cessation of supply. Turkey’s actions questioned “the sincerity of the intentions on building a lasting relationship,” said Tkachev.