The media learned about the disclosure of the identity of the source of dirt on the environment trump

The American authorities begin to uncover the identity of the person who organized the publication in the media compromising information on the environment of the President of the United States Donald trump, says Fox News, citing a source.

According to TV channel, the Chairman of the special Committee of the U.S. Congress for the exploration of the Devin Nunez became aware of the fact, who is responsible for the distribution of dirt in the public space.

The spokesman stressed that this person is “very well known and holds a high position in the world intelligence community.” Source of dirt on the environment of the American leader is not an employee of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), said the TV channel.

“The main problem is not only the disclosure of names of individuals, but arapostathis for political purposes that have nothing to do with national security or to the investigation of Russia’s intervention in U.S. elections,” said a source to Fox News in Congress close to the investigation.

Nunez learned about the involvement of specific individuals to the spread of dirt in January, marks the channel. Two sources in the intelligence community gave him the serial numbers of the reports of the American intelligence services, which contained the relevant facts about the activities of the suspects. Agents told the head of the ad hoc Committee about who is responsible at least one drain for the team trump.

After that, núñez asked from the NSA and the FBI official confirmation of these data, however, initially he refused. In late March, the head of the intelligence Committee was invited specially equipped system of wiretapping of the office of the White house, where given the opportunity to read these documents.

Earlier, on 24 March, the channel has become known that the U.S. Congress will soon be provided with “irrefutable evidence” of surveillance by the administration of former President Barack Obama for the transition team of the current leader of Donald trump, in particular, and for himself. The sides of the channel then said that Devin Nunez has reviewed intelligence data on random collections of the negotiations environment of the tramp, which he received from different sources.

Donald trump announced that the Obama administration organized the wiretapping his headquarters in the Trump Tower in new York during the final election campaign, March 4 in his Twitter. Proof of his words he had not. The next day the head of state asked to investigate the case to Congress, and instructed to establish an ad hoc Committee.

The charges trump official said Obama’s spokesman Kevin Lewis. He stressed that none of the former administration, including the President himself, “never gave instructions to listen to the American citizens.”

Initially, Devin Nunes denied the existence of evidence of surveillance for trump, but later, on March 22, he told reporters that, according to available reports, the phones of employees of the campaign headquarters trump auditioned is not focused, and in the framework of the law on auditions in the interests of foreign intelligence.

By trump in an interview with Fox News channel on March 16 said that they had learned about listening to their phones during the presidential campaign from media reports. On the question of the journalist why he wrote in his Twitter unverified information, the President replied that these data were published by The New York Times. “Not to say that I respect The New York Times. I called The New York Times fake, but the newspaper wrote about this situation, using the word “listen,” said trump.