The media learned about the search of ISA Yamadayev in the case of the attempt on Kadyrov

As explained by the source of “Rosbalt”, the Investigative Committee of Russia in Chechnya, issued a decree on the search Yamadayev in March 2017. The document States, the source explained that ISA Yamadayev, Kadyrov believed the perpetrators in the death of his brother, and from may 2016, “acting out of a sense of vendetta, decided to commit his murder.”

In addition, the source added that a group of Chechen operatives March 20 raided the apartment of the family Yamadayev in Odintsovo. “All the proofs are based on the testimony of several former soldiers of the battalion “Vostok”, which resemble a detective story, written by the student, and contain many time and other inconsistencies. In addition, the Yamadayev was a serviceman and the case is a civil investigation,” — said the source Agency.

In October 2016, “the New newspaper” with reference to sources reported that in Chechnya revealed the most ambitious in the history of his reign the attempt on Ramzan Kadyrov. Sources, including from the Chechen FSB and of the GSM TFR in the North Caucasian Federal district, called “operated the word “conspiracy”, noted the newspaper. According to the newspaper, the plot was discovered by accident.

In January 2017, the newspaper told of the new details. The organizer of the assassination of the head of Chechnya called ISA Yamadayev. About this publication said, citing a report from the head of the centre for combating extremism of the interior Ministry in Chechnya, Lieutenant Colonel Timur Mezhidov. According to the newspaper, the attempt was being planned in the spring of 2016, then the Yamadayev left Russia. Now he may be in Dubai, wrote “Novaya Gazeta”.

The Yamadayev brothers during the first Chechen campaign opposed Federal troops, but in the second took the side of Moscow and Akhmad Kadyrov. After the assassination of Akhmat Kadyrov in 2004, the relationship cooled. One brother ISA, the Deputy of the state Duma and the Hero of Russia Ruslan Yamadayev was killed in Moscow in 2008, and the other also Hero of Russia, commander of the battalion “Vostok” Sulim Yamadayev was shot dead in Dubai in 2009.