The U.S. acknowledged the deaths of 229 civilians from the coalition strikes in Syria and Iraq

At least 229 civilians were killed in Syria and Iraq to the air strikes inflicted by the U.S.-led coalition since the start of operation “Unwavering commitment”. This is stated in the statement of the headquarters of the coalition.

The staff also said that according to the results of inspections were considered “trustworthy” 15 reports of deaths of civilians in the Iraqi of Mosul during the operation to liberate the city from the militants of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”. How many civilians could become victims of the assault, the statement of the headquarters was not specified.

Earlier, the mayor of Mosul, Abdulsattar Alabu reported that American air strikes killed at least 200 civilians in the city. March 30, U.S. Central command announced the beginning of the investigation in connection with reports about the death of the inhabitants of Mosul. As wrote The New York Times, the us military has not been able to establish the exact date of the air strikes. We only know that it happened in the period between 17 and 23 March.