Ildar Dading detained for picket at Petrovka, 38

Ildar Dading detained for picket near the building of GU MVD in Moscow at Petrovka 38, reports the website “OVD-info”. The report said that Davnym was detained Sergey Ogic, put them in a car and drove away, presumably in OVD “Tver”.

Lawyer Ildar Dading Kseniya Kostromina has confirmed the arrest of the activist. “While I know that Ildar was arrested for picket at the Moscow police. More information — what happened to him and where he is, I do not yet have,” — said Kostromina.

According to “OVD-info”, later in the same place was detained Natalia Netishinskaya and Vera Makarova, who led the stream, and after that the police detained two people.

“A little later, was arrested two Eugene Mishchenko and Faith Muraviev. All of them delivered in OVD “Tver”, — stated in the message.