Ivanov crossed after question about the rally

The President’s special representative for environmental issues, ecology and transport Minister Sergei Ivanov crossed, after journalists asked him about the protests, held in Russia, reports .

The conversation took place at the media forum BIP “Truth and justice”, held in Saint-Petersburg.

The former head of administration of the President of the journalists asked how he would have behaved, if still engaged in internal politics, and people would come out at anti-corruption rallies against the Prime Minister.

“I would first understand what the claims — crossing, said the special representative of the President. If they are of a legal nature, is one thing. And if, frankly, unfounded, is quite different.” It all depends on the context, Ivanov stressed.

Ivanov did not answer another question: whether he considers that the output of a large number of youth in anti-corruption rallies is associated with the errors of the authorities. He asked the journalists to say what percentage of youth of the total number of young people in the country came out to protest. One of the media representatives said that the proportion of participating young people was great.

“I disagree with you”, — told Ivanov.