Ivanov said about the need to connect to GLONASS all the garbage trucks Russia

The President’s special representative for environmental issues, ecology and transport Minister Sergei Ivanov proposed to equip each truck with GLONASS. As reported by the correspondent , it said on Sunday, April 2, at the media forum BIP “Truth and Justice”, held in Saint-Petersburg.

According to Ivanov, the system will help to control where garbage disposal. “He must be disposed of in a landfill, not a nearby forest. But GLONASS is not verified. So I’m a firm believer that every truck was equipped with GLONASS,” — said Ivanov.

In addition, Ivanov expressed support for the system of Plato, opposed by truckers. “The regions are now asking, literally begging the Russian government to be given the same rights (system) “Plato” which is at the Federal level. And then there will be money for road repairs. I’m for “Plato”, clearly for “Plato,” admitted Ivanov.