The elections in Armenia received the majority of the ruling party

In the Parliament of Armenia will host four parties, and the leader of the ruling Republican party, with 46% of the vote, the exit poll undertaken by the company Baltic Surveys/The Gallup Organization for TV channel “Yerkir media” reported

Second place with 25%, according to the survey, the bloc “Tsarukyan”. The third line is the opposition bloc “EFC” (“Output”) — 10%. In the fourth position — the Armenian revolutionary Federation with 5%. Were interviewed 19 130 voters. The surveys were conducted in all the 13 constituencies in 125 polling stations.

To enter Parliament, parties must receive more than 5% of the vote, party blocs — over 7%.

Parliamentary elections in Armenia were held on April 2. As of 17:00 local time the turnout was made up of 50.93%, said the CEC.

Parliamentary elections were held under the new system — only proportional. He was elected at least 101 deputies for a period of five years, four seats are reserved for representatives of ethnic minorities. In the outgoing Parliament convocation was 131 parliamentary seat.

The observer for the Russian CEC Maya Grishina told “Interfax” have informed that claims to go vote no. However, the Prosecutor General of Armenia for 18 hours local time examined 1317 reports of violations during the electoral process, reported the press service of the Ministry. 226 of the communications contained signs of crime.

The study of Russian Polls conducted before the elections showed that the Parliament will host three parties: the Republican party holding the majority since 1999, “Tsarukyan” and “EFC”.

According to forecast VTSIOM, the rating of the Republican party before the elections was 21%, bloc “Tsarukyan” — 22%, “EFC” — 8%.

The elections mark the transition from a presidential to a parliamentary Republic. Finally it will be issued after the expiry in February 2018 presidential term of Serzh Sargsyan. According to the new wording of the Constitution, the powers of the next President will be only representational and will elect its Parliament. However based on the results of the parliamentary elections will change the procedure for the approval of the Prime Minister: it will propose and approve the party or coalition of parties that has the majority of seats in Parliament. The change of government was approved by referendum on 6 December 2015.

The constitutional requirement is the formation after the elections a stable majority — 54%, the absence of which may lead to a second round. The winner of the second round will receive additional mandates, securing a stable majority, reminds RIA Novosti.