The experts found almost a 30 percent increase in the wages of the workers

A shortage creates demand

The most demanded specialists on the Russian labor market in 2016 turned out to be electricians to repair electrical — their average salary rose from 36.4 to 52.7 thousand thousand RUB (45%). To such conclusion experts of an outsourcing company Intercomp (research have), basing his observations on documented data about the salaries of 20 thousand employees from more than 30 industries, in all Federal districts of Russia.

In General, the workers led a group of leaders in the growth of wages in 2016 — along with lawyers, advertisers and IT specialists, the researchers note. Workers ‘ wages increased on average by 28%. Against degradation of the secondary vocational education and technology development in the labour market there is a shortage of qualified personnel, explain the relevance of working experts.

The significant growth of wages of workers observed in the last three or four years: welders in Moscow can receive up to 120 thousand rbl. — more than ordinary managers in offices, confirms the head of the industry Department “Business Russia” Sergey Varlamov. And wages are growing not only in Moscow but also in Sochi, Kazan, the Arctic and the far East; barring new financial shocks, this trend is likely to continue, he said.

According to Varlamov, current students should obtain the working field, but keep in mind that valued skilled workers, not unskilled workers: pays to be an auto mechanic, Autohouse, car mechanic — auto repair will always be current; it is prestigious to be a pastry chef at a high level. At the same time, plumbers and electricians are unlikely to be able to count on high salaries, even in the future, predicts the source .

The effects of import substitution

Leadership two participants of the salary ranking — advertisers and employees of IT industry experts Intercomp considered the impact of the ongoing process of import substitution. According to their calculations, the salary in the field of marketing and advertising last year grew by 11%, and average earnings in the IT-sector was the highest in the Russian market — 130 thousand rbl. the Demand of specialists of labor experts associated with the aggravated due to import substitution and the crisis of competition and companies need to promote their products. The IT industry is actively developing due to the introduction in 2016 of the ban on the purchase of foreign software by state agencies, experts say: unlike many other enterprises of the industry in the past year were recruited staff (its population increased by an average of 13%).

According to Rosstat, advertisers and software developers (IT specialists) were actually among the leaders in the amount of nominal accrued wages in 2016. The official work in these industries, on average 129,2 112,5 thousand and thousand RUB, respectively. The salary of IT professionals is steadily growing in recent years, while the salaries of advertisers, even after significant growth in 2016 (14.9%) never returned to the level of 2014 (when they accounted for 138,6 thousand rubles).

But the absolute leader of growth of wages for the year, according to Rosstat, steel and other specialists up to 200% increased the earnings of sellers and repairers of bikes (to 53.6 17.8 thousand thousand rubles) almost doubled the salary of persons engaged in the reproduction of recorded media, up to 57.7 thousand 101,97 thousand rubles (growth of salaries at 76,6%).

Increase eaten up by inflation

The salaries of the rest of the Russians in 2016, also grew, but they didn’t feel that follows from the calculations of Intercomp, the average salary in Russia increased by 5.7%, while the consumer price index for the year, according to Rosstat, amounted to 5.4%. In 2017, the growth of average wages will be more noticeable — up to 7%, experts expect Intercomp.

On Friday, March 31, Minister of labor Maxim Topilin announced the beginning of growth of real incomes of Russians. “There is a feeling that inflation will be just over 4%, now these forecasts are. With this in mind, in January—February of real income compared to the same period last year increased by 1%, real wages grew by 2.3%”, — quotes the Minister “Prime”. Last year real incomes of Russians fell, reminded Topilin: real wages for the year rose less than 1%.