The media learned about the plans of London to use the theme “threats to Russia” when Brexit

The Cabinet of Ministers of great Britain came to an agreement that the negotiations with the EU during the Brexit London needs to use its advantage in safety over the rest of Europe and, in particular, the fear of Europe to the “Russian threat”. It is reported by The Telegraph, citing an “official report” in the form of record of negotiations of the British Ministers, which was available to Newspapers.

According to the newspaper, the meeting was attended by the Minister of defence Michael Fallon, the Minister of foreign Affairs Boris Johnson, Brexit Minister David Davis and the Chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond.

As follows from the recording, Boris Johnson said that security matters during negotiations, London has a “strong hand” and “should not be initiated”. Defence Minister Michael Fallon, in turn, said that “the vulnerability of Europe is at the highest level with the time of the Cold war”. “There is increasing Russian aggression,” said Fallon — “the EU needs to our capabilities.”

David Davis, as reported by the Telegraph, said that Britain should not “underestimate their power” in negotiations. The Chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond, according to the Telegraph, said that the European Union will not offer such terms London economic cooperation, which would deter Britain from cooperation on security.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may stressed that security issues play a “decisive role for the EU”, so London in a strong position, writes The Telegraph.

“Despite the nuances, I think that the Cabinet are convinced that we are in a stronger position, and the Europeans know it,” — says the newspaper’s source familiar with the negotiations of Ministers. The source the Telegraph refused to comment on the leak, but stressed that London needs a “special partnership conditions, which will cover all aspects, including security.” However, he noted that London is not going to “threaten” Europe, but is aware of his advantage.

Earlier Theresa may conveyed a message about the activation of article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty the European Council President Donald Tusk, thus officially beginning the UK out of the EU. In the six pages of the message may mention the word security 11 times, calculated The Telegraph.

“As to the security failure in the negotiations would mean the weakening of cooperation in the fight against crime and terrorism,” wrote the Prime Minister.