FT called the FBI to set up a unit in Russia

The Federal Bureau of investigation United States (FBI) intends to establish a special unit that will coordinate the investigation of “interference” of Russia in elections in the United States, according to the newspaper Financial Times, citing an informed source.

According to the source, the establishment of this unit means “increasing resources” involved in the investigation, and one of his goals will be the daily reporting of FBI Director James Comey about the investigation.

The sources noted that such investigations are entrusted, as a rule, one of 56 offices, however, the investigation of Russia’s intervention in elections is too often “on the front pages of Newspapers”, and also becomes so large and “bulky,” which requires Central management.

It is expected that a specialized unit of 20 agents will begin its work in Washington in the next month. His head will be on a weekly basis to inform the Director of the FBI about the investigation, and on daily — to report to the Deputy Director of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe.

FBI Director James Comey confirmed that the Bureau is investigating Russia’s influence on U.S. elections during a hearing before the Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives, March 20. According to him, this investigation applies to “any communication between the parties related to the campaign headquarters of U.S. President Donald trump and the Russian government, and the question of whether there was any coordination between his campaign and the efforts of Russia”, but details of the investigation and the names involved in these relationships, he did not disclose.

Moscow has repeatedly officially denied all charges of meddling in the political process in the United States. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia said that Russia does not interfere in the Affairs of other countries, but the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called the accusations of Kremlin interference in the electoral processes in the United States “ridiculous nonsense”. After the hearings began, the Kremlin said that to regard it as “constructive contribution” to the bilateral relations between the US and Russia is impossible.