ROSENERGOBANK will attract liquidity inflated interest rates on deposits

That ROSENERGOBANK (51-e a place on volume of funds of individuals — RUB 35.8 billion, according to the ranking of “Interfax”) began to raise funds to deposits at rates significantly higher than the market average, according to sources in the banking market with reference to contextual advertising. acquainted with its contents.

Generous offer

Link advertising banner leads to a separate website you can’t get from the official website of the Bank. On this page, the Bank offers to place a contribution in the framework of the “promotions with additional bonuses” at rates up to 11.9% per annum for rouble annual contributions and to 5.1% on the same deposits in United States dollars. As the contact telephone number of ROSENERGOBANK. Potential customers advertising message advised to hurry, as “the rate will soon be reduced”.

As reported in its monthly review of interest rates on deposits in March, the average annual rate on ruble deposits with the 15 largest players have been at the level of 7.56% per annum in rubles and 0.89% per annum in U.S. dollars.

Thus, the current proposal of the Bank considerably, from half to more than five times higher than the average market level.

Secret interest

On the website of the ROSENERGOBANK rates specified in the advertisement, not as opportunities to learn about the generous offer. Maximum rates on deposits, according to the official website of 9.9% per annum for ruble deposits and of 3.10% on dollar deposits.

To identify the membership page at it ROSENERGOBANK was not immediately apparent. The numbers of the hotline of the Bank and the head office in Moscow, no one answered. The request, sent in a press-service of the response at the time of writing not received.

The number of one of the Moscow offices listed on the official website of ROSENERGOBANK, the operator confirmed the information on attraction of contributions at such a high rate of interest. As explained by the employee of ROSENERGOBANK, the rate of 11.9% is obtained from an annual rate of 9.9% plus the bonus from the initial Deposit amount will be charged as an addition at the end of the term.

The operator also said that documents for this program yet, but it is already possible to fill in the application form for participation and to open the rouble contribution at 9.9% APR for the sum from 300 thousand rbl.

In search of liquidity

The generous offer of ROSENERGOBANK analysts as a signal about the urgent need for additional liquidity, especially on the background of the current structural surplus liquidity in banks, on the contrary, most of them reduce, and not increase rates.

“Banks are trying to avoid aggressive policies on deposits of natural persons, as the regulator in such cases there is a fairly fast and hard. When the financial institution is resorted to interest rates on deposits, is markedly different from the market, it risks to get a prescription of the Central Bank, limiting the amount of attracted deposits of the population. In addition to the measures of a restrictive nature by the regulator in respect of such Bank will automatically apply the increased rate of contributions to Agency on insurance of contributions, recalls the Director on Bank ratings “Expert RA” Stanislav Volkov.

“Aggressive policy on deposits, in General, is an important indicator of the precarious financial condition of the Bank, — says the wolves. For ROSENERGOBANK, obviously, attempt to get hold of rapidly diminishing liquidity”.

Usually, the overestimation relative to the average rates on deposits due to the need to attract additional resources, and in some cases, this may indicate liquidity problems, says the analyst of rating Agency ACRES Kirill Lukashuk. He confirms: “the Regulator has an extremely negative attitude to significant excess of the interest rate on deposits and can in a very short time limit their level.” However, given the “special” advertising, to find her can be difficult, experts say.

The reaction of the regulators

The Bank of Russia said they would not comment on operating banks advised to contact the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) as the authority controlling, in particular, the situation with the honesty of advertising.

“Is assessed for compliance with the requirements of the advertising legislation, including the requirements placed on the reliability of the information it, — said the press service of the FAS. — If the advertising includes information that is untrue, for example the indication of the price of the goods does not correspond to reality, such advertising could be found to violate the law on advertising”.

Asked to speak about is the particular player in a press-service FAS said, all that relates to any conduct of the Bank, including advertising, have to comment on the controller in the face of the Central Bank.

Challenging reality

Earlier media reported that the Central Bank has cut ROSENERGOBANK from the first hundred from “system of Bank electronic urgent payments” (BESP). Then the Bank denied this information, saying that the Bank is operating normally.

Later in the ROSENERGOBANK has restricted the issuance of deposits to individuals, citing a “technical delay reinforcements offices cash”. Technical there was difficulty with the transfer of money to legal entities.

Customers of the Bank as of 3 April continued to report on the financial Internet resources, in particular about the interruptions in the receipt and transfer of funds.