The electoral Committee of Serbia declared the victory of Prime Minister Vucic in the presidential election

The Prime Minister of Serbia Alexander Vucic wins in the first round of presidential elections, which are Sunday, April 2, was held in the Republic. This was announced by the Chairman of the Republican election Commission (REC), Vladimir Dimitrijevic, reports TASS.

“Preliminary results after processing the 16,84% of the ballots… the Candidate Aleksandar Vucic scored 203 thousand 892 votes, which is of 59.89%,” — said the head of the local electoral Commission.

In second place behind his rival is the former Ombudsman Sasa Jankovic: it, according to RICK, gaining 13.2% of the vote. Third comes the politician Aleksandar Maksimovic with a score of 8.37%, followed by former Minister of foreign Affairs of Serbia, Vuk Jeremic (5,21%) and the leader of the Serbian radical party Vojislav Seselj (4,36%).

International polling company Ipsos also conducts alternately counting in the presidential elections in Serbia. According to the processing of 85.7% of the votes, which translates to local newspaper Blic, Aleksandar vučić is leading with a score of 55%, followed by Sascha Jankovic (16.3 per cent) and Luka Maksimovic (9.3 per cent).

Staff Vucic has confirmed the victory of its candidate in the presidential elections of the Republic. The Prime Minister himself, reports Bloomberg, in an address to supporters declared that the victory must be “clean as a whistle, so no, I never had anything to think about.”

“Voters expressed support for the continuation of the reform process, the continuation of the European path of Serbia, while maintaining friendly relations with Russia and China,” said Vucic after the announcement of his victory.

The President of Serbia is elected for a term of five years. The current head of state Tomislav Nikolic by law cannot run for a second term. Only the election of the President took part in 11 candidates. On the polling stations was attended by nearly 2 thousand national observers from four associations and 126 foreign observers from 25 organizations, election commissions and embassies. Voter turnout was 55%.