The ROC is considered a violation of the secular character of education, the hijab in schools

The law of Chechnya, assigned to schoolchildren the right to wear religious clothing and religious symbols in schools violates the secular nature of education in Russia, and therefore needs to be adjusted, according to the Moscow Patriarchate, reports “Interfax”.

“Securing students such a right in the law of the Chechen Republic is a violation of the principle of the secular character of education in state schools, so in this part of the amendment is subject to adjustments,” — said the portal “Interfax-Religion” head of the legal service of the Patriarchate abbess Xenia (Chernega).

According to her, state and municipal secondary schools establish requirements to clothes of students in accordance with the standard requirements approved by the public authorities. Abbess pointed out that this right of students is not provided by Federal laws, in particular, article 38 of Federal law “On education in RF”, and cannot be entered by separate laws of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and article 3 of the law establishes the secular nature of education in schools and does not grant students the right to wear clothes, “according to religious beliefs”.

The law on the right to wear religious clothing and symbols in school on 31 March adopted in the final reading the deputies of the Chechen Parliament. The law allows the wearing of “clothing or symbols according to folk traditions or religious beliefs”, if not inconsistent with Federal law, does not harm their health and does not violate the rights and freedoms of others.

Commenting on the decision of the Chechen Parliament, press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin has not yet formulated its position regarding the bill. According to him, Russia is a multiethnic and multi-religious country, so the main thing in the question about the hijab and the wearing of other religious clothing in school to understand, at what level should this problem be solved on the Federal or regional.

The Supreme court decision on religious paraphernalia in schools

In February 2015 the Supreme court of Russia upheld the ban on the demonstration of religious symbols and the wearing of religious headscarves in schools.

This decision was made after a complaint with the Supreme court applied the seven residents of Mordovia who demanded to recognize partially illegal decision of the government of the Republic adopted in may 2014, prohibiting attending school in hats and display religious paraphernalia.