The Russian Minister spoke about the promotion of the son to go to the opposition rally

About the conversation with his son, a student of 6th grade school on the topic of anti-corruption rally Abyzov said at the enlarged meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of education and science. “Came in and asked to go to the rally or not?” — Minister shared with the members of the Board office. According to him, a few days before this conversation, his son was persuaded to go to a meeting in a café, when he returned home from training.

The Minister noted that today, pupils and students live in a new environment, where they “is the impact of new information flows: the Internet and television”. “It is important to our institutions and schools not to get lost in these new data and new elements,” said Abyzov.

In his opinion, schools should conduct interviews about the social behavior of students. And not only with seniors but with younger children. “This is much more important than Dante and “divine Comedy” in the 6th grade, trust me,” said Abyzov, noting that this work in schools and institutions affect the success of Russia.

The Minister noted that teachers are not ready for such a dialogue format, and it must be corrected by giving them “special training”.

Putin and “shkolota” why the Kremlin does not agree with the new middle class

On the eve it became known about a new arrest for shares in Central Moscow, the son ex-the Deputy from LDPR Maxim Shingarkin — 17-year-old Roman Shingarkin. He was also among the detainees on the “walk of opposition” on March 26.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that juvenile participants in Moscow were offered monetary rewards for their arrest by law enforcement officials. In turn, the press service of the Ministry of education and science has acted “categorically against the involvement of schoolchildren in the campaign, with purely political overtones.” The students themselves deny the fact of offering them money. “It’s absurd that students who were offered money. Neither me nor my friends no one promised anything. I want to continue to go to meetings — said the 15-year-old Catherine A. According to her, she came to the rally, as authorities have not commented on the video and tried to prove that “shown is a lie”.

The scientists have named the main risks of the protest Navalny Kremlin

Sunday, March 26, in Moscow and in dozens of other cities of Russia have passed protest actions against corruption in government. The occasion was the investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption of “secret property”, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. All authorities agree 24 rally, the organizers announced the holding of shares not less than 100 cities. In Moscow have been detained more than 1,000 people, among them many students.

After the protests on March 26, appeared on YouTube videos documenting disputes between students and teachers about the legality of participation in such actions. Soon after the meetings there is information about that in respect to adolescents who participated in the protests, administration of educational institutions have imposed sanctions.