Detained the head of the Udmurt Republic found the changer

Possible successor

The appointment of the new head of the region could take place “very soon”, said a source in the regional government. “They say that tomorrow the appointment should take place. There are three or four contenders,” said the source.

Place the head of the Udmurt Republic may take the Secretary of the Public chamber Alexander Brechalov, said two close to the presidential administration source. About Brechalov as a possible candidate also mentioned the political scientist Leonid Davydov in telegram channel Davydov.The index, as well as “Vedomosti”, citing its sources.

“Say, Brechalov already recorded video [of his appointment], — said Minchenko. — I think the wait is long, and his appointment can announce today during the second half of the day.”

“It [Brechalov] the President yesterday [at the media forum BIP April 3] next imprisoned with him, talking with him, — said Mironov. — Somewhere it will appoint such just clean”. Brechalov — volodinskaya [close to the former first Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin], it’s time to banish. Why in the presidential campaign alone volodinskaya, there must be unity of command.”

Brechalov and his spokesman was not available for comment.

The reasons for the detention

On 4 April, the head of Udmurtia Alexander Solovyov was detained and transferred to Moscow. According to investigators, he is suspected of receiving bribes in 139 million rubles, which he received for two years from the builders of the bridge over the Kama river and the Buoy near the Udmurt city of Kambarka.

To announce the arrest Solovyov was planned on Monday, April 3, said a source close to the leadership of one of the security agencies. According to him, plans of law enforcement agencies disrupted due to the terrorist attack in the subway of Saint-Petersburg Monday, March 3. When Solovyov was detained, the source said.

“No political motive in the case there is a fight against corruption,” said a source close to the leadership of “United Russia”. The source reminded that publications in the local press about the facts of corruption, for example, that roads in the Udmurt Republic is one of the worst in Russia, there appeared some time ago. United Russia announced that membership in the party Solovyov “automatically suspended by Statute after the criminal case.”

Press Secretary of the head of the Udmurt Republic Helen Kapitonenko reported that at a meeting with Chairman of government of Udmurtia Viktor Savelyev question of the detention of the head of region was not discussed. “Nothing [about the detention ] was said, solved the usual issues that stood in the agenda,” she said.

The scandal with Putin

Solovyev holds the position of head of Udmurtia in 2014, in this position, he was replaced by Alexander Volkov, who headed the Republic for nearly 20 years. Until 2014 Solovyov represented the Republic in the Federation Council, and for six years was the head of the regional Parliament.

According to political scientist Nikolay Mironov, during the governorship around Soloviev formed clan who was involved in including road construction. This area had an attitude and namesake of the Governor, Deputy Minister of construction Alexander Soloviev, according to experts, a close friend of the daughter of the head of the Udmurt Republic.

“The mega-project they had a bridge across the Kama river. Him Soloviev personally asked Putin money — called $ 30 billion (Federal and regional budgets together). Putin had in September, 16, to come open the bridge. But the bridge was not ready. No irregularities were found. There was a scandal. Soon, the Deputy Minister Soloviev (odnofamilitsa and a family friend) was arrested. Arrests began in the traffic office and adjacent offices. Putin personally ordered him to work,” — said Mironov.

According to political analyst Evgeny Minchenko, the fact that the head of the Republic engaged in law enforcement, “was not a secret to anyone”. “The work went, and the last half of the month was carried out secret work for pozyskiwaniu a replacement. There is a combination of factors: lack of serious roof Politburo 2.0, situational its purpose. The existence of the claim of law enforcement is surprising, given how now intimidated governors. They say that the investigators were surprised at how sloppy he was,” said Minchenko .

Solovyov was “Governor-average” — not the best example of the change of governors-old residents in the regions, said political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov. “The clouds began to thicken from December-January, and he was considered the obvious candidate for quick replacement. But thought I’d wait until summer to this year’s elections could not hold. It seems that decided this topic to combine with corruption”, — says the expert.

The number two in the ranking

In the November ranking of the Kremlin governors from the center of the development of the regional policy Chapter of the Republic received “poor”. The authors of the rating pointed out that the onf calls the worst roads of the Udmurt Republic in the Federal district, the Republic’s authorities are unable to carry out the preparation for the heating season, according to Roszdravnadzora, in region serious problems in the field of medicine.

The study authors talked about the growing conflict with the Federal authorities: Embassy of the Volga Federal district and several ministries and agencies. Also the budget of the Republic poorly balanced, highly leveraged (deficit at beginning of year — almost 2 billion rubles.). According to the Ministry of Finance of the Udmurt Republic, the public debt of the Republic amounted to 47.7 billion rubles., and the municipal debt grew by 34%.

“The talent pool is underdeveloped. Nepotism, succession, corruption. Overall rating: 39 out of 100 points (or DD 2). Conclusions: the growing conflict with the Federal authorities: Embassy of the Volga Federal district and several ministries and agencies. In particular, from-for negligent attitude to housing. If the heating season this year will be disrupted, the question of the resignation of the head region may become relevant”, — concluded the experts.