In the state Duma will consider a bill on Patriotic education

Paper on “love of country”

The draft law “On Patriotic education in the Russian Federation” (has) has been prepared by members of the specially created in the last convocation of the Duma working group, said the head of the group of United Russia Viktor Vodolatsky. The working group included representatives of all Duma factions. Under the project signed, in particular, the member of Committee on security Anatoly Vyborny, Chairman of the Committee for youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyarev (LDPR).

The document will be presented on Tuesday in the state Duma at the round table, then it will be in the lower house, said the authors.

The bill provides definitions of patriotism. According to the authors, patriotism is “love of Fatherland and people, awareness of continuity with them, desire and commitment through their actions to serve their interests, to follow the higher values and to show devotion to duty, self-sacrifice, including defending the independence, integrity and sovereignty of Russia with weapons in their hands.”

War as the basis

This military-Patriotic education, as follows from the document, is one of the main directions of Patriotic education. Military-Patriotic education is also given definition is “a set of measures aimed at the formation of citizens conscious of the necessity of defending the homeland, preparing for military service, the inculcation of pride in belonging to his people, to his achievements” and “for the armed forces of his country.”

Military-Patriotic education is still “honoring of national traditions, shrines and symbols perpetuating the memory of soldiers who died during the defense of the Motherland, respect for national history, military service and the uniforms, the motivation for preservation and enhancement of the glorious military traditions of their ancestors,” the authors of the bill.

The state programme on Patriotic education should be determined tasks: in particular, strengthening of prestige of service in the armed forces of Russia and law enforcement, improving the practice of patronage of military units on educational organizations, says the project.

The main directions of state policy in the sphere of Patriotic education the authors consider the support of the monuments of Military glory, the formation of pride in younger generations for the achievements of previous generations “in the field of culture, science and technology” and actively involve young people in solving socio-economic problems of the country, and creating centres for the development of civil-Patriotic education of citizens on the basis of higher educational institutions.

The government must identify the Federal authority responsible for the implementation of state policy on Patriotic education, stated in the document. This body would exercise their authority through structural units in the regions.

A bill on Patriotic education it is planned to submit to the state Duma shortly after held in several cities of Russia meetings of supporters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, which ended in mass arrests. But Vodolatsky not associate the appearance of the document shares, in which took part pupils and students. The latest version of the document was prepared two months ago, he said.

“We’re late with its adoption”, — said Vodolatsky. According to the Deputy, I have to take it in an accelerated mode, “in order not to lose Russia”.

As the authorities raise the patriotism

At the beginning of last year, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the state program of Patriotic education of Russians in 2016-2020. Total funding for the program for five years will be about 1.7 billion rubles. the Federal Agency for youth Affairs appointed by the program coordinator. In September of last year in Russia there is a military-Patriotic movement “Uname”. At the end of October 2015, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the establishment of the equivalent of the pioneer organization “Russian movement of students.” The founder of the organization was the youth.

The fight against agenda

In Russia, the theme of patriotism is heavily militarized, historically, the political scientist Abbas Gallyamov. Therefore, according to him, this attention in the bill is on military issues. “The peaceful achievements of the Patriotic topic we have almost no associated”, — said the expert.

Take the Duma to consider the bill, the deputies are trying to reshape the agenda after the meetings, trying to bring her best to the authorities of Patriotic rhetoric, the analyst believes. In his opinion, such steps will not affect the mood of those who go to rallies, but can work against wavering.