“It is a total pain”: the reaction of politicians to the explosion in St. Petersburg

“It is a total pain”: the reaction of politicians to the explosion in St. Petersburg

The President Of Russia Vladimir Putin:

“I’ve already spoken to the heads of special services, the Director of FSB, law enforcement bodies and special services work, will do everything in order to identify the causes of the incident, a full assessment of what happened. The municipal government if required, and Federal — will take all necessary measures in order to provide support to families of those killed and injured our citizens.”

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev:

“It’s a total pain.”

Deputy Prime Minister, Vitaly Mutko TASS:

“It is a great tragedy for the city and country, killing people, nobody can be outside. <…> Terrorism has no boundaries is a common tragedy for the whole world, and it is necessary to unite efforts of all countries.”

The reaction to the explosion in the St. Petersburg metro

The Chairman of the party “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov :

“A terrible tragedy happened today in my hometown of St. Petersburg.
Suppose that the customers of this bloody campaign striving to challenge the Russian President, who on this day is located in Saint Petersburg. The challenge is to undermine the confidence of the government and its ability to provide security. The incident proves we need to take strict legislative measures to combat terrorism. Let me remind you that our faction proposes to introduce the death penalty for organizers of terrorist acts and their accomplices”.

The leader of the movement “Open Russia” Mikhail Khodorkovsky:

“Today, we are all in the same boat — regardless of looks, rank, and age. Russia is our home. Our house — grief. So today, the only day we should be together, must unite, must forget who the Nod, and who — in the opposition, who travels to work by subway, and who — with flashing lights, who went to the rally, and who will guard it. Today it’s all irrelevant. Matters that we are together. And we will be one country in the face of every adversity”.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, RT:

“It is a pity, of course, very sorry for what has happened in these minutes. <…>. I hope to God this is over.”

The Deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky, an official statement:

“The death of people is always a severe and irreparable loss. We share all the pain and suffering of every family that is experiencing this terrible grief. We mourn with the relatives and friends of the victims!”.

The President of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, Instagram:

“Criminals against the life of innocent people do not deserve mercy and pity, the attitude towards them should be not simply rigid, but cruel. Exhortations to convince these non-humans is impossible. Terrorists seek to dominate the whole world, to sow fear, chaos and insecurity. The response should be unity of the people against a common enemy.”

The attacks in St. Petersburg

19 December 1996, in the subway in St. Petersburg, a bomb exploded, one person was injured.

27 June 1997 explosion occurred in the high-speed train Moscow-St.-Petersburg. The explosion killed five people, including perpetrators of terrorist acts, the native of Dagestan Haji Halilov, another 13 people were injured. It was reported that the explosion occurred ahead of schedule due to negligence of the offender. Organizers of the attack could not be found.

4 and 18 February 2007 bombings at the entrance of the metro station “Vladimirskaya” and the restaurant “McDonald’s” on Nevsky prospect. The first explosion injured one person, the second – more than 10 people. The sentences on charges of committing these crimes was handed down in 2009. The perpetrators – members of various nationalist groups – were sentenced to deprivation of liberty for a term from six to 15 years.

August 13, 2007 in a suicide attack went off the rails a few cars of a fast train Moscow-St. Petersburg, injured 60 people. In 2010 the court sentenced two defendants in the case to prison terms of 4 and 10 years for transportation of explosives to blow up the train. The organizer of the attack, according to Russian intelligence services, was a native of the Volgograd region Pavel Kosolapov, who converted to Islam radical wing and is currently in the Federal and international wanted list.

26 Nov 2009 the explosion occurred at a bus stop at the intersection of Zanevskiy Prospekt and Prospekt Shaumyana. As a result, one person was injured. In 2014, charged with the crime and other crimes was sentenced the members of nationalist groups.

27 November 2009 the attack was the collapse of the high-speed passenger train Nevsky Express, EN route from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The crash killed 28 people, more than 130 were injured. In 2012 on charges of committing a terrorist act, the court sentenced 10 people to imprisonment ranging from seven years to life.

2 Feb 2010 an explosion occurred on a railway stretch between the stations “Armor” and “Leninsky prospect”. The explosion formed a crater and injured the driver of a passing trolley. Responsibility for explosion was assumed by the nationalist group. The suspects were soon arrested.