“Kommersant” found out about in advance received information about the preparation of the explosion

As told the interlocutor of “Kommersant”, information about preparation of a terrorist attack intelligence provided by the Russians who collaborated with the banned in our country a terrorist organization “Islamic state” and detained after returning from Syria. He knew some of the participants sent to the Russian subversive groups, but supported them with only a telephone connection.

The informant of the security services occupied the lowest rung in the hierarchy of militants, said a source. “Thus defining mobile numbers of suspected terrorists and breaking them, the investigators found that all the SIM cards were purchased in the markets and is not tied to real people, so we were forced to restrict the wiretapping of conversations of militants, hoping to eventually find them or at least figure out the details of their plans”, — the newspaper writes.

Terrorists rarely resorted to using cell phones, talking in short sentences. “Telephone game” ended after the first explosion, known to the intelligence services of the phone number was blocked, which prevented a second explosion. According to the interlocutor of the newspaper, the second by without any contact, I panicked and just left the bag with the bomb under the bench.

The publication said that it is still provisional, officially unconfirmed data.

At the same time, the source of “Interfax” in law enforcement bodies told that, according to preliminary data, the explosion in the St. Petersburg metro was made by the suicide bomber, his personality is already installed. “According to preliminary data it 23-the summer native of Central Asia”, — said the Agency interlocutor. According to another source, the alleged suicide bomber was linked to radical Islamists. “Previously it is established that the man who blew himself up in the subway of St. Petersburg, was linked to banned in Russia and radical Islamic groups”, — he said.

The investigators found out, the source said that the terrorist carried the bomb in the subway in a backpack.

Another source told the Agency that the alleged suicide bomber likely acted alone. According to the source, the man left disguised as a fire extinguisher explosive device at the metro station “Ploshchad rebellion”, and then boarded the train. On the stretch “Sennaya” — “Institute of Technology”, he detonated another explosive device.

The explosion in the subway of Saint-Petersburg took place on the afternoon of April 3 around 14:40. In the attack, according to the National antiterrorist Committee, 11 people died in hospitals of St. Petersburg was delivered to 45 of the victims.

The explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg: what is known about the incident