Medvedev linked the explosion in the subway in new brainwashing “freaks”

Organizers and masterminds of the terrorist attack in the metro of St. Petersburg will be found, said the head of the Russian government Dmitry Medvedev. According to the Prime Minister, the investigation will not prevent even the fact that the perpetrator of the attack, apparently, died.

“There is no doubt that our law enforcement and intelligence agencies will do everything to find all those responsible, and punish”, — said Medvedev (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

The head of government noted that the Russian authorities have “failed badly to step on the throat of the terrorists,” but acknowledged that the action taken was not sufficient, and therefore additional measures are needed. In particular, the Prime Minister promised to deal with accomplices of terrorists, as the attacks “are not prepared alone.”

“There is always a large number of various collaborators, all freaks who are engaged in brainwashing and, in fact, offer to commit a terrorist act. We’ll do it together with our colleagues,” — said Medvedev.

April 3, shortly before the explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg, President Vladimir Putin announced the end of “dressed in rags of quasistable” on the Internet, stating that the government should “stop the threat” associated with the spread of the Internet propaganda of terrorism.

The explosion in the subway occurred April 3 in the train on the stretch stations “Institute of Technology” and “Sennaya Ploschad”. According to the latest data of the Ministry of health, the victims of the explosion were 14 people, dozens more people were injured.