Putin appointed Alexander Brechalov head of the Udmurt Republic until September

Vladimir Putin signed a decree on appointment of Alexander Brechalov, the acting head of the Udmurt Republic.

“In connection with the decision taken earlier impeachment from office in connection with loss of trust of the former head of the Republic Alexander Solovyov, the President proposed to Alexander Brechalov to take the position of acting head of the Udmurt Republic”, – said in a statement on the Kremlin website.

In September of this year in the Udmurt Republic elections are held, where residents will elect a new head of state. Until that time, Brechalov will be acting head of the region.

At the recent 2014 elections in the Udmurt Republic Alexander Soloviev received 85% of votes.

This morning it became known about detention of the head of Udmurtia Alexander Solovyov. According to sources, his arrest was planned for 3 April, but plans were prevented by the explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg.

4 April against Alexander Solovyov opened a criminal case on suspicion of taking bribes. After a few hours the TFR has charged him with committing two episodes of a crime under part 6 St. 290 criminal code (taking a bribe by a person holding a state post of the Russian Federation, in especially large size), is spoken in the message of the RCDS.

According to investigators, in the years 2014-2016 on the post of the head of Udmurtia Alexander Soloviev received bribes from organizations that have built bridges over the rivers Kama and Bui the city kambarki. For all time the total amount of bribes amounted to 139 million rubles. In addition to money, Soloviev took bribes in the form of shares in the commercial organization, the cost of 2.7 million rubles. For that, Solovyov promised to those who give priority payment for their work from Federal and regional budgets, as well as licenses for geological study, exploration and production of subsoil of sand and sand-gravel mixture.

What is known about Alexander Brechalov

Alexander Brechalov was born in 1973 in the village of Tlyustenkhabl Adygei Autonomous region. He graduated from the Krasnodar military Institute. General of the army S. M. Shtemenko, and then the Moscow state law Academy. In 2012 he became President of the all-Russian public organization of small and medium entrepreneurship “OPORA Russia”. After a year co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the onf.

In 2014, becoming the Secretary of the civic chamber Alexander Brechalov presented the President report of the public chamber on the state of civil society in Russia. It was noted the necessity of developing the media as an institution of civil society.

In 2015, on the initiative Brechalov, the Public chamber has launched the project “Perspective”, the purpose of which was to identify public opinion leaders and active citizens in the Russian regions.

In may 2016 Alexander Brechalov called on citizens to participate in the primaries of “United Russia”, which caused negative reactions. In particular, the former member of the Public chamber Elena Lukyanova drew attention that the campaign for participation in the primaries of the political party contravenes the Code of ethics for members of the Public chamber.

In December 2016 human rights activists in Vladimir Putin’s meeting with the Council on human rights complained to the President on Public chamber, headed by Brechalov, for violation of rules in the formation of public monitoring commissions.

In February 2017 during the formation of the new composition of the Public chamber Alexander Brechalov was not included in the list of 40 persons who were sent to the Russian President’s proposal on the membership of the chamber. However, he said that “the lack of an invitation from the President regards as necessary to rotate leadership of the chamber”.

Included in the presidential Council for countering corruption, to the Board for strategic development and priority projects, the expert Council under the government and the Supervisory Council of the Agency for strategic initiatives. Member of the Board of Directors of the Russian Agency for insurance of export credits and investments, national center for the study of public opinion.