The court ruled to arrest the former head of Udmurtia Solovyov for two months

Moscow’s Basmanny court ruled to arrest the former head of Udmurtia Alexander Soloviev a period of two months to June 4, the correspondent reports from the courtroom. During the court hearing, the investigator was asked to elect as a preventive measure detention for a period of two months, the Prosecutor of this request was supported.

The investigation motivated the request with fact that the former head of the Udmurt Republic has a great number of personal contacts, thanks to which, among other things, threatened the witnesses in his case.

In addition, the Prosecutor said, native Solovyov’s “own foreign real estate”, and the place of residence and place of employment of the former head of Udmurtia were raided, during which managed to find the passport. All of this combined, according to the Prosecutor, may indicate the intention of the former head of the region to evade justice.

During his speech, Solovyov himself asked to be put under house arrest. “I would like to ask you to not arrested, no motivation, just a request,” said Soloviev. “Foolish, perhaps, to say that I’m not running,” he added.

The lawyer Solovyev reminded that he has already been dismissed, and so are relationships, which spoke about the investigator, may not. She also said that last year the former head of the Udmurt Republic was carried out abdominal surgery and removed the kidney. According to the defense, if Soloviev had intended to hide from law enforcement, you’d have already done it, because the case against him was instituted in the fall of 2016.

The defense also pointed out that the data on foreign real estate, referred to by the investigator, in the petition of the prosecution were not specified.

The investigative Committee accuses Alexander Solovyov in bribes to 141.7 per mln.

The ex-Governor of Udmurtia Alexander Soloviev was detained on Tuesday, April 4. On the same day it was transferred to Moscow.

SK Russia has charged him with that in 2014-2016 2016 received from the builders of bridges over the rivers Kama and Bui about the Udmurt city of Kambarka bribes in the form of money 139 million RUB from builders and 2.7 million rubles in the form of shares in the commercial organization.

Investigators believe that for these payments, the former head of Udmurtia provided “extraordinary” help pay for the construction of bridges from the Federal and regional budgets, and also gave license to the study of subsurface, exploration, extraction of sand and sand-gravel mixture.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin by his decree dismissed Solovyov from his post “in connection with loss of trust” and appointed the acting head of the Udmurt Republic, Putin Secretary of the Public chamber Alexander Brechalov.