The parliamentary opposition will ask Putin to abolish the municipal filter

Party against the filter

On Tuesday, March 4, the leader of the faction “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov told reporters in the Duma, a just Russia is offering to abolish the municipal filter for the parliamentary parties in the elections of governors. The leaders of the opposition parliamentary factions are counting on meeting with President Vladimir Putin, where he will raise the issue of the cancellation filter, said Mironov.

According to the law, parliamentary parties are free to nominate their candidates for President, “but somehow, in the elections of lower level are forced to collect signatures of municipal deputies”, said the politician.

Now spravorossy together with the leaders of the Communists and the liberal democratic party are preparing a letter to the President, said the first Deputy Chairman of the faction “Fair Russia” Alexander Burkov. “Until the text is agreed,” said he. Not determined, in his words, and the specific date of the meeting with the head of state.

The Deputy from Communist party Alexander Yushchenko confirmed that the agreement was. Vladimir Kashin said that the Duma faction has long been discussed and the Council of the Duma and meetings with the speaker the need to lift this filter.

A source in the liberal democratic party said that the party advocates the abolition of the municipal filter, but the talks with Mironov on appeal to the President not heard anything. “Mironov recently often speaks for all, it is likely that his initiative”, — said the source .

Support CEC

Complete abolition of the municipal filter in the CEC is not discussed, but the mechanism can mitigate, said the head of expert group under CEC Andrey Buzin. “One of the ways of mitigating, perhaps, the most effective is an opportunity for municipal Deputy to vote for several candidates. It is discussed, and such suggestions are pretty much” — said the expert.

Mitigate municipal filter, the CEC discussed “very active,” assured Buzin. The CEC took into consideration the speeches of the leaders of the parties that the Chairman of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova met during the March. Almost all of them — PARNAS, “the Party of growth, “Fair Russia”, CPRF, “Green”, “the Russian party of pensioners for justice” and “Apple” then advocated the abolition of the municipal filter.

However, the CEC has no legislative initiative, so it can only advise to make this initiative members of the Parliament or the government. “The ice has moved, when the bills to abolish the filter started to make the opposition party — said the CEC close to the source . — This topic is a sore to a certain point and ignored, but now the CEC realize that this hulking mass, you need to do something to help the opposition.”

A source in the CEC believes that the most likely way to change the electoral law amendments in the bill of senators, Andrei Klishas and Anatoly Shirokov, which they submitted to the state Duma on 3 March.

In the official answer of the press service of the CEC’s request States that “there is an international recommendation rule that changes the electoral system must occur no later than a year before the election.” “We are actively preparing for the gubernatorial elections and it is unlikely that the legislator will now quickly change the rules of the game”, — concluded the CEC.