The victim of the crisis: the Tatarstan President has approved the resignation of the Prime Minister of the Republic of

I have long wanted to go

April 3, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov accepted the appeal of Prime Minister Ildar Khalikov about dismissal at own will. This was reported by the website of the government of the Republic. Khalikov will be CEO of the energy company Tatenergo.

In an interview with local portal “Business Online” Khalikov claimed that the decision was made long ago and is not connected with the outbreak in the Republic’s banking crisis. The Prime Minister was head of government from April 2010. “The incident only delayed my departure, as we were trying to do everything possible to prevent the collapse of Tatfondbank <…> If not for this situation, would be gone before the New year,” — said the former Prime Minister in an interview.

The banking crisis in the Republic began in December 2016, when Tatfondbank, whose largest shareholder is the government of the Republic, limited the issuance of money to the depositors. Soon after the Central Bank imposed a moratorium on satisfaction of requirements of creditors of Tatfondbank. On 3 March, the Central Bank revoked the license of Tatfondbank (43rd place in terms of assets in ranking of “Interfax-CEA”), the associated Interbanca (124th place), and ANKOR Bank of savings (227-e). In all three banks the population kept a little less than 100 billion rubles.

The management of the credit institution, in the opinion of the Central Bank, incorrectly assessed the risks taken at the low quality of assets. In early March, the head of Tatfondbank Robert Musin became a defendant in a criminal case: he was charged under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (fraud committed in especially large size). In Tatarstan has begun meetings of depositors of Tatfondbank and Interbanca. The demonstrators expressed no confidence in the government of the Republic. They were joined by real estate investors who are victims of unscrupulous developers, and housing.

March 30, in the resigned head of the national Bank of the Republic of Tatarstan Midkhat Shagiakhmetov, who had held the position since October 2014. Sources in the banking sector, called his departure “a small loss”, since most of the solutions to banks in the region goes through the Volga-Vyatka Bank of Russia, as well as directly through Moscow.

The decision to resign Khalikov took a long time, confirmed a Senator from Tatarstan, Oleg Morozov. He said that the former Prime Minister mentioned about his plans to leave the post in the summer of 2016. “In private conversations he said that already six years have passed, that is a long time and thinking about changing the sphere of activities, so I do it [his resignation] is not directly associated with the banking crisis,” — said the member of the Federation Council.

Political victim

However experts relate the departure Khalikov with banking crisis and ongoing protests by depositors in Kazan (the last meeting was held the day before the resignation of the Prime Minister). It is obvious that the discontent of the population in Tatarstan has gained such a scale that we have to pay off the resignations, said political analyst Abbas Gallyamov. But the expert is not sure that the resignation Khalikov will be able to calm the protesters. “Everyone understands that the key management decisions in the Republic has not the Prime Minister, and President. The decision violate regulations of the Central Bank, which said its representatives, is a political decision, and not accept them Khalikov”, — said Gallyamov. Revocation of license of the Central Bank of Tatfondbank indeed accompanied by similar comments: the Bank did not execute Federal laws regulating Bank activity, and statutory acts of the regulator.

The Kazan political scientist Vladimir Beljaev has reminded that Prime Minister headed the Board of Directors of Tatfondbank crisis until he lost his license in March of this year. So he can not have a relationship to a banking crisis, concludes the expert. “Early retirement did. Had to refund money to investors, and could make it Prime it by redirecting funds. It is of direct relevance to Tatfondbank had, because that was part of his rule,” — said Belyaev.

The resignation Khalikov may have political reasons. Care Khalikov can be associated with dissatisfaction with the President his job, said a source in the state Duma, familiar with a situation in Tatarstan. “I heard that [President] was dissatisfaction with the socio-economic situation in the region,” he said. According to the source , the cause may be in the “complaints of business representatives that conduct business in the Republic is very difficult, if you do not have ties with someone from the government”.

The resignation Khalikov is an acute financial crisis, “which turns into a political crisis,” agreed political analyst Valery Solovey. “In the capital of Tatarstan did not stop the rallies. Minnikhanov have to react, and so he sacrifices at once strong figure, plays the lead. And it is clear: I receive information from there, and I think that over the past 25 years, the region was not in this heat,” — said the Nightingale.

He is convinced that the Prime Minister has become a victim of the Kremlin, which “local authorities clamped in a vise: on the one hand — Moscow, on the other — the local population”. According to the analyst, the most Minnikhanov retirement is not threatened. “If the centre removes the head of Tatarstan, it needs to offer a solution to the problem, and the center to do not. He has no reserve funds”, — said the Nightingale.

The new Prime Minister

Acting Prime Minister of the Republic became the first Deputy Khalikov Alexei Pesoshin. To work Deputy Prime Minister, he held various positions in the Executive Committee of Kazan and was the head of local food and gas plants. Senator Morozov heard about Pasolini reviews, “how about the man who knows the economy and is able to solve the problem.” The scientist Belyaev was named the new Prime Minister “a real Manager”.

According to the regulations, the candidature of the Prime Minister may be tabled in the Parliament until may 3, 2017, and the state Council may approve the candidacy of Prime Minister until the end of April, said “-Tatarstan” the head of the press service of the state Council RESEDA Makueva.