Dankvert refused to work with Belarus because of Lukashenko’s critics

The head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert asked to remove from it obligations for monitoring the supply of goods from Belarus. This statement Dankvert made during his speech at the III international agrarian forum “Avascular”, reports TASS.

“Why am I the one (and there possible .) a criminal case…I asked the guide to take me to the party because I might not be a pest of some sort, to deal with the criminal case”, — said Dankvert.

According to him, to instruct, to control the supply of food products from Belarus can be “new Deputy” Minister of agriculture.

“Now we have a new Deputy Minister of agriculture, he entrusted to markets, veterinary medicine, he knows, was my Deputy. Let him some time Belarus will lead and see where the bias”, — said Dankvert.

According to information on the website of Rosselkhoznadzor, 6 March 2017 Deputy Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev was Yevgeny Nepoklonov, who, in 2011, he was Deputy Dankvert.

What is agreed and not agreed Russia and Belarus

In early February President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko demanded to bring in Belarus the criminal case against Sergey Dankvert. According to Lukashenko, the Russian head of Department to the detriment of Belarus, preventing the import of Belarusian foodstuffs to Russia. “We need to study the issue and to initiate a criminal case according to Dankvert… for damage to the state”, — said the President of Belarus. According to him, “all these Dankvert” — people interested. “Everyone has a huge latifundia, they are manufacturers of a product”, — said Lukashenka to journalists.

Charges Lukashenko was associated with the previously entered restrictions on export of beef and beef by-products from Belarus. In addition, in December 2016 Dankvert has accused Belarus of illegal supply of food from Europe embargoed.

In early February, against the background of harsh statements by the Belarusian President on postponed a planned trip to the Republic because of fears of “provocation”.