Gref explained the choice of the buyer “daughter” of Sberbank in Ukraine

Quick buyer, Sberbank of Russia JSC (Ukraine) was connected with the fact that interested in selling the “daughter” of Sberbank were not so many options, recognized Herman Gref.

“There wasn’t a lot of candidates, frankly,” explained President and Board Chairman of Sberbank reporter .

Gref also said that for the necessary for the implementation of the transaction the approval by regulatory authorities of Ukraine, the savings Bank intends to apply this week.

“About Latvia it is necessary to ask the buyer”, — added the head of Sberbank.

In March 2017, it became known that the new owner of 100% of Ukrainian “daughter” of Sberbank will be an investment consortium Latvian Norvik Banka and the Belarusian company owned by the son of the principal owner of the company Rosneft and the group Safmar said Gutseriev (the majority shareholder).

Later, the main shareholder of Norvik Banka Grigory Guselnikov (as said Gutseriev, he is a British citizen) reported that after completion of the transaction, Sberbank of Russia JSC (Ukraine) will change its name to Norvik banka.

“Buyers have no desire to keep the brand. In order not to escalate the situation, to calm her, the brand will be replaced and the Bank will position itself as a European Bank, which he will be,” explained Guselnikov.

At the same time, Guselnikov noted that the recent actions of the Ukrainian radicals had no impact on the amount of the transaction with Sberbank, and simply coincided with it on time.

According to “Kommersant”, in exchange for its Ukrainian assets of Sberbank will receive from the structures and Gusel’nikova Gutseriev $130 million, which is comparable to the capital of its Ukrainian “daughter” ($144 million).

According to sources, initially the Bank had requested a “substantially higher amount,” however, the Ukrainian authorities sanctions and especially the radicals organized the blockade of the offices and other promotions forced the savings Bank to make concessions to speed up the transaction.

Shortly after the introduction of Ukraine sanctions “dochek” Russian banks, Gref said that Sberbank is looking for the “fastest options” withdrawal from the market of Ukraine.

Speaking about possible options for the sale, the head of the expert analytical Council of the Ukrainian analytical center Boris Kushniruk then stated that in Ukraine, no one in their right mind will buy a Russian Bank even at half the price. According to him, a quick sale, if it takes place, is likely to mean not a deal as such, but conveyance of property with closed to the General public arrangements.