In the UN security Council have made Western draft resolution on himatake in Syria

The United States, Britain and France on Tuesday introduced in the UN security Council a draft resolution on the alleged chemical attack in Syria, Reuters reports citing diplomats. According to them, the vote it can bring on Wednesday.

All three countries, the authors of the draft document, was blamed for alleged himataku on the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Reuters reports.

The text of the resolution, seen by Reuters, said that the Assad government should provide international investigators with flight plans and records made on the day of the alleged attack, the names of the commanders of the crews, carrying out missions and to provide access to the air base where the flights were made.

The draft also says that the UN Secretary General, antónio Guterres, on a monthly basis to indicate whether the Syrian government with the international investigators and the mission for establishment of facts of use of chemical weapons in Syria.

About the reaction of Russia and China on the draft resolution is not yet known.

In February, Russia and China blocked the adoption of the resolution on sanctions against Syria. Sanctions proposed to be imposed against individuals and companies alleged to have engaged in chemical attacks.