Link increase: why Putin appointed Brechalov head of the Udmurt Republic

Link increase: why Putin appointed Brechalov head of the Udmurt Republic

Link increase

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, 4 April, signed a decree on the appointment of 43-year-old Secretary of the Public chamber (OP) Alexander Brechalov head of the Udmurt Republic. Until September he will be acting then Brechalov intends to participate in the election of the President. Brechalov in conversation with called the appointment “a new challenge for myself.”

The previous head of Udmurtia Alexander Solovyov, on April 4, was arrested and transported to Moscow. Solovyov was charged under a criminal case on bribery (part 6, item 290 of the criminal code; up to 15 years in prison). According to investigators, Solovyov received multiple bribes totaling 141.7 per million RUB over the agreement with the Builder of bridges over the rivers Kama and Bui in the Udmurt Republic: for this money the official promised to contractors to immediately pay for their work from Federal and regional budgets, as well as licenses for geological study, exploration and production of subsoil of sand and sand-gravel mixture. On Tuesday, the President released Solovyov from office “in connection with loss of trust”.

Brechalov in addition to the chairmanship of the Public chamber headed by the all-Russian public organization of small and medium entrepreneurship “OPORA Russia” and is co-chair of the Central headquarters of the popular front (onf). Before his appointment, he participated in the onf media forum in St. Petersburg, where, according to two participants in the forum, “departed not from Putin.” “But in principle, he often sits with the President at events where they appear together,” said one of the interlocutors .

The purpose Brechalov indicates that Putin continues to “test a new generation of leaders,” said political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko. This assignment is for Brechalov increase, he explained, because unlike his previous posts is the “real government”. Minchenko agrees with the political scientist Mikhail Vinogradov. According to him, if to take into account personal qualities Brechalov, it is “career success”. “He’s a public figure a Deputy of the scale, not a Manager,” said Vinogradov.

According to political scientist Nikolay Mironov, the candidate Brechalov forced, “because he was left almost without a job and without much support, but it had something to do with because they are close to power.” Mironov called out to Udmurtia “link”.

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Brechalov (left to right)

Photo: Mikhail Klimentyev / TASS

The fate of the popular front

Secretary OP close to the Chairman of the state Duma and the former first Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin, political scientists call it “volodinskaya”. This is one of the reasons for his appointment in a distant region, experts say. New appointment Brechalov can be explained by the desire of the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko, “a little push from the Kremlin “Volodin,” explained political analyst Konstantin Kalachev. “Although Kiriyenko [Brechalov] conflict, the relationship is good, but why is he so close to the presidential administration?” he said.

The change of command of the former head of the domestic unit started up in October 2016, when Volodin was appointed by the speaker of the state Duma. Before 2011, he held the post of first Deputy head of the presidential administration, who oversaw the political block of the Kremlin. Replaced Volodin in the Kremlin, was appointed the head of state Corporation “Rosatom” Sergey Kiriyenko.

But there are other reasons for “the expulsion,” said Kalachev. “First, Izhevsk is the capital of a defense [there is the concern “Kalashnikov”], and Brechalov ex — military. Secondly, it will increase the popularity of the popular front in the region before the presidential election,” the analyst suggested. “Brechalov familiar with the Federal agenda, including from the point of view of the popular front and Public chambers, “OPORA Russia”, — said Russian political analyst Vladimir Baimetov.

Thus, according to him, the future Brechalov in the Udmurt Republic will depend on whether he will be able to find “ways of interacting with the local elites or leverage over them.” “There was a great expectation of change, including staff after [the previous head of the Republic Alexander] Volkov, and Alexander [Solovyev] could not provide. I hope Brechalov will,” said Baimetov.

Career military

New co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the onf, which will replace Brechalov, will be elected from the active members of the staff, says a source close to the leadership of the popular front. The Charter of the popular front suggests that the co-Chairman can be only one of his members, says the source . And to introduce a new person to a staff only decision of the Congress. “The Congress we have scheduled for 2018. Hardly anyone will be to convene Congress now only to the headquarters included a new person who would become the co-chair is Brechalov,” says the source.

Brechalov is one of three co-chairs of the Central headquarters of the Front. The other two — the Director, the Deputy of the state Duma Stanislav Govorukhin, state Duma Deputy Olga Timofeeva.

In February of 2017 Alexander Brechalov was not included in the list of 40 persons who were sent to the Russian President’s proposal on the membership of the Public chamber. That is, in the new composition of the OP, which will be formed in June, he’s not coming. Then Brechalov said that “the lack of an invitation from the President regards as necessary to rotate leadership of the chamber”.