The President of Uzbekistan’s visit led to the signing of the agreements by $15 billion

The first state visit to Moscow of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, ended with the signing of the 39 agreements and memorandums in various areas, from industry to education.

“Our meeting once again demonstrated the generality of Uzbekistan and Russia. The current atmosphere of trust and openness has serious stage in our relationship. For most of the considered issues, we have common views and approaches,” — said the Uzbek leader after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin.

By Mirziyoyev, during the visit there was signed a package of agreements on realization of large investment projects worth $12 billion and trading contracts for $3.8 billion.

At the talks, the presidents noted the desire to increase bilateral trade and noted the successes in this area. The total volume of Russian investments in the Uzbek economy over the last five years exceeded $6 billion Trade between the two countries fell last year by 3.9% to $2.7 billion, but the physical volume of supplies increased by 1%.

The heads of state noted the growth of deliveries to Russia of Uzbek fruit and vegetables: in terms of value in relation to the 2015 year, they rose by 92% to $114,2 million, but in the physical volumes 2.3 times to of 142.8 thousand tons, primarily due to the “green corridor”, which provides the minimum delay of fruit and vegetable products to the customs of the two countries. The volume of Russian exports to Uzbekistan decreased by 12.1% to $1,965 billion, deliveries from Uzbekistan grew by 26.5% by 2015, to $761 million.

Among the 39 agreements worth $15 billion signed during the visit were five-year contract between the trader “Gazprom” “Gazprom export” and “Uztransgaz” on gas sale and purchase, as well as between “Gazprom” and “Uzbekneftegaz” on cooperation in exploration and engineering. Also a Memorandum was signed between kompaniyami “Krasnozem” and “Uzkimyosanoat” on creation of joint venture for the production of catalysts, centralized collection and processing of materials with precious metals, a cooperation agreement with Gazprombank and Bank “Asaka” for finansirovaniju construction of a metallurgical plant in Tashkent. The Ministry of energy of the two countries signed a Memorandum on the delivery to Uzbekistan of 500 thousand tons of Russian oil.

Mirziyoev was elected the leader of Uzbekistan at the elections in December 2016, since the death of President Islam Karimov. The first state visit of the new President of Uzbekistan made in Turkmenistan.